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  1. Nice video, thanks! I am interested in this chair and just wonder if the seat position is horizontal or tilted a bit down?
  2. Would the 24mm Panoptic with a 2.5x TV Powermate be a good option for a dedicated 10mm eyepiece? Not sure if I am fully understanding the information correct on TV web site about Powermates. Will the AFOV, ER and field correction be the same with Powermate combo with Panoptic serie eyepieces? I really like the the ergonomics of the Pan 24mm
  3. Appreciate your replys! Actually, I just ordered the Pentax XW 5mm. I read some reviews that Pentax XW have a more neutral color tone then Televue. I think that is important when my main observing interest is in double and variable stars like ruby carbon stars. Now I am searching for a eyepiece with a focal lenght that fit between 24mm Panoptic and 5mm XW. I will observe for some months before I decide if I need to buy another short focal length eyepiece, maybe a 3mm, for higher power. I did not go for the Nagler zoom because I think the small AFOV may be a problem as I use a manual alt az mount.
  4. Same correction here on my observing eye. Other eye does not need correction but I am not comfortable observing with left eye. Glad to here it is not a problem with small EP. Really appreciate the information. A lot to learn when new to this fantastic hobby.
  5. Is the TV Nagler 3-6mm zoom compatible with the Dioptrx lens? Found no info on TV website but maybe that is because they are not compatible. Website only states Dioptrx fit on all focal length Type 6 Naglers. Do the 3-6mm zoom belong to the type 6 serie?
  6. Thanks for the input! Plyscope: Do you use the zoom Nagler 3-6? Have you tried it at 3mm in TV-60? Good for double stars? Louis D : I have not seen any floaters when observing the night sky but I only have a low magnification eyepiece. When I observe the bright and clear sky a sunny day without telescope I can notice some floaters. Might be a problem when observing faint carbon stars and splitting double stars or just when observing the bright moon?
  7. Hello, Newbie here with a TeleVue TV-60. I wonder what the maximum useful magnification would be with this refractor? I need a high power eyepiece mainly for carbon star and double star observation. My only eyepice now is a TV Panoptic 24mm for wide field/large exit pupil. Would a TV Delite 4mm eyepiece Yield to small exit pupil (0,67mm) at 90x magnification? Best regards / Johan
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