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  1. Hi, Would you accept £80 plus postage paid by bank transfer for the Celestron x 6.3 Focal reducer ? Regards Ron
  2. Vixen GP Equatorial Photo Guider I originally bought this for wide field AP with just a camera and lens but I can't find an SD-1 controller and I'm no good with electronics so can't get my head around making one. I know I could buy a SW single axis motor and controller but after taking it apart to clean and re-grease and seeing what an amazing piece of precision engineering it is (I read somewhere the machining tolerances when it was made were + or - 0.02mm, that in old money is less the 8/10ths of a thou !) I decided to sell it on, hoping someone either had an SD-1
  3. Thanks Michael I didn't have my email settings right so didn't get this when you sent it. I've had a change of plan as I couldn't find a controller so .... de-forked it and the mount, wedge and tripod are now for sale here lol. Thanks again for helping Ron
  4. Hi haven't received anything do you want to send as email or I'll send my phone number and call me ?
  5. Dual speed battery powered upgrade. Comes with spare motor(which has a bit of a ticking noise but works fine) Worm drive gear and clutch are included but I forgot to include them in the pics £50 Price includes postage Paypal + fees or bank transfer - Sold
  6. Nice little grab and go scope weighing just over 2kg. No red dot finder but it comes with 6mm and 20mm Vixen NPL eyepieces and a Meade 1.25" diagonal as I don't like the internal flip mirror. Recently serviced by Orion optics in Stoke. Comes in original box but it's a bit tatty so will be packed inside a larger box if posted. Looking for £220 but open to offers - SOLD Collection prefered or courier at buyers risk.Paypal plus fees or bank transfer
  7. All is in good order and hasn't had much use. The forks are for 8" OTAs. The mount base is push to with RA clock drive and Dec motor but no hand controller. Tripod is Meade field tripod with "2 stainless fixed length legs. The wedge is very similar to current Meade wedge no mounting bolts or azimuth adjuster No idea what this is worth so open to reasonable offers and will split Apologies this is the first time I have advertised here so prices £120 for the lot???? Base and forks £60 -SOLD Wedge £60 - SOLD Tripod £40 - SOLD and as before these are VERY much open to negotiation
  8. Hi all, I've just acquired a Meade LX10 emc but there are no cables or hand controller with it . Can anyone tell me what I need to connect the Dec motor to the front panel and it is possible to use the hand controller port to connect to a pc and make it GoTo ?
  9. This is the Baader guide to eyepiece projection (among other things). Hope it helps. https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/downloads/dl/file/id/444/product/1211/digiscoping_camera_adaptations_for_afocal_photography_and_eyepiece_projection.pdf
  10. Hi Rich, I've been looking into it myself and I'm certainly no expert but I watched this video today (Astrobackyard) where he explains all about it and shows some results. Hope it helps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHGcQ0HKRlU
  11. Many thanks to all you who have replied so helpful I might even try to convert it to belt driven ! But one step at a time eh . Thanks again I'll post when I get the kit.
  12. Hi all newbie looking for advice. I just bought a Vixen Great Polaris mount ( the old Japanese green hammered finish version) and I would like to upgrade it to GOTO . Any suggestions on options and kit suppliers would be appreciated Thanks
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