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  1. I’m actually chugging away on my first Andromeda attempt from few months back, will be interesting to see if I make a better job of it.
  2. sorry for delay replying I’ve had my head in Astro Pixel Processor demo. sorry no flats, I’ve struggled to capture flats that don’t do more harm than good but I have ordered a light panel as suggested in a previous reply to hopefully remedy that. Do they make processing an easier experience ? interested to hear the rationale for not using dark files ?
  3. I find the PS you tube tutorials easier to follow but hard to translate into Gimp and the guys teaching all seem to refer back to PS “like you would do in PS” well I’ve never used PS so pointless, and I’m reluctant to sign up to a monthly subscription for PS, I’m considering Afinity Photo as it’s a one off payment but it looks worryingly like gimp. tried startools can’t for the life of me get anything worthwhile out of it, easy workflow in theory. had some successes with SIRIL, love the stacking scripts & photometry colour balance (when it works). recently tried sequator fab
  4. Thank you, I will definitely check these out, it would be nice to get the full set of calibration frames
  5. Nice One, Thankyou. Interested to know what you both thought about the data when processing it ? did you have thoughts like WTAF is this ? or about the same as you're used to processing ? etc, be brutal, I dont want to spend years trying to process stuff that Trevor AstroBackyard wouldn't be able to get anything from
  6. I hear you ! im thinking I might need to get something like APP or PS. There seems to be a lot of tutorials with Photoshop and the ones I’ve watched for gimp always seem to compare with what you do in PS.
  7. Nice one & Thanks for taking the time to have a go, yours does seem to pop a bit more than my efforts but I see you have the same lens cast/vignetting to the right of the DSO, out of interest what PP software are you using ? I’ve tried flats but I need a better method than what I’m doing as I seem to get dark banding at the top of the image and not consistent enough and they have made processing worse, so until I can get consistent “flat” frames I put up with the artefacts. I did try using iPad at the weekend but blinking screen kept changing when the scope/T-shirt touched it !
  8. Hey no worries, I appreciate you taking time out to take a look, will be interesting to see what you make of it, Yes all stacked using DSS, i actually deleted all the attempts to clear space because I wasn't happy with them, I can see the Nebula is there but I dont have the skills to bring it out. Either way if anyone can get something half decent out of the data I know its my Post Processing i need to focus on or if everyone says the data is awful i can then focus on improving the acquisition. My suspicion is both need a lot of work.
  9. Hi All, I'm still very new to this and enjoying the challenge & feel like I'm doing things correctly I'm framing fine, plate solving assisted, guiding seems to be going fine so on paper things should be improving but something that is consistently causing me doubts and questions is the post processing, I'm currently trying various flavours of stacking and post processing and tend to default to DSS and GIMP but the results are variable to say the least and I find GIMP is not very intuitive. I wonder if there is anyone out there that fancies a challenge to see what they can do with
  10. Hi All, Here’s a question that I suspect won’t have a straightforward single answer so thought I’d pose it in the lounge... If you could only have ONE filter for an image train using a non modified DSLR, which would it be ?
  11. Hi All, Can anyone confirm if I need to adjust the default William Optics recommended 12.9mm Flat 61A DSLR spacing when adding a 2" screw in filter into the train ?
  12. Yeah I’m now looking at power box and rpi4, I think although not a one box it’s more flexible and can swap out the rpi4 for laptop or replace with rpi5 etc and leave the power box in situ. im a little concerned with the Astroberry set up, I assume you flash the micro sd that comes with the rpi or do I need a blank off the shelf micro sd ?
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