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  1. Thanks for the info most helpful and appreciated.
  2. Advice from anyone would be great. Complete novice here looking at x3 telescopes for planet and moon viewings and nebula/dso. For both viewing and possibly basic photography: Bresser messier 10" dobsonian Bresser messier mcx-127 goto Skywatcher explorer 200p eq6 goto Thanks all
  3. Thanks again for your comments. The only negatives I have received so far is that it has no tracking capabilities like goto. Is this something that can be added at a later date if I wanted. At present I would like to try learn the sky for myself without guidence but you never know if you will change your mind at a later date.
  4. Many thanks for your comments all much appreciated.
  5. Hi all new to astronomy and looking at purchasing my first telescope. Was look at Bresser Messier 10" Dobsonian when one becomes available in your opinions would this be a good choice. Thanks in advance
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