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  1. Thanks, I’ll pop down one day when I find space in our holiday itinerary. I totally understand people being cautious with the current Covid situation as we don’t want to undo any progress we have made. My good lady is more of a casual visual observer than myself, I’m starting down the astrophotography route and don’t get the chance to chat with other like minded folk. Hope to see some of you before we head home on Sunday.
  2. Hi, I don’t mean to be cheeky, but I’m staying at Kelling Heath in one of the lodges on our annual holiday, any chance I can pop down one evening and introduce myself?
  3. My first ever DSO taken this evening, no plans to take any subs at all, just to check backfocus and make sure everything was ok for when my Star Adventurer arrives, so got everything set up, focussed and thought job done, then saw Orion as I started packing away and thought, why not, nothing to lose, 188 subs of varying length and gain, 87 of those somewhere close to usable so stacked them and a little processing and here is the result. Subs - 87 subs of varying exposures and gain, no filters. Telescope - Meade ETX 80 OTA taken off a broken Alt/Az mount Mount - Standard tripod (Giottos silk road carbon with pan/tilt head) Camera - ZWO ASI462MC Just a bit chuffed
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