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  1. Just an update after following advice above; the mirror and corrector do not appear to be cracked after a fairly thorough inspection and also the focuser still works so hopefully I may have got away with it barring a possible need for collimation. Probably a good idea for me to start checking collimation anyway...
  2. Thanks. I cannot see a crack in the mirror or corrector but guess it could be a hidden thing and will not know until I try to use. I’m scared to look but will of course; worse case scenario that would be £1,300 down the drain
  3. Hi All. Using my skill and judgement I placed my newish Celestron Nexstar Evolution 6 scope on my office chair last night after observing and turned my back and then about 30 seconds later heard an almighty crash as my scope crashed onto the wooden laminate floor. There is no obvious outward signs of damage to the scope but there is now a dent in my nice laminate floor! Will the scope be alright or have I likely irreparably damaged it? What should I do next; check the collimation? I am a technically minded beginner and this is my first scope so I have never collimated before. If collimati
  4. Thank you Armand for the useful information and encouraging words. I am going to keep practicing and not give up.
  5. Thank you for pointing out this useful resource
  6. Thank you for the useful, practical and encouraging advice
  7. Thank you, I can now understand the attraction of imaging vs observation, at least theoretically as I do not know from a practical point of view, at least not yet
  8. Thank you White Dwarf, that is worth knowing
  9. Thank you gfamily for the great advice; will definitely try your recommendations
  10. Thanks, yes I can understand that. Big difference between observing and imaging.
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