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  1. Thank you for the quick reply, I plan on getting the enhanced dual axis motors, I thought it was worth the little extra money for the options of sidereal, lunar and solar speeds. I think I’ve worked out my confusion over the dual-fit to dual-speed. Flo describes the dual-fit as also being 1:10 in the kit but not on the OTA so I think it’s a typo in the kits description. Therefore if I go for the 150p I would most likely fit the dual speed upgrade kit. As for the mount I do agree the EQ5 is my best choice I’m just debating getting the 150p kit with EQ3-2 to start with while util
  2. Hello, I’m new to both Astronomy and Photography so this is going to be a steep learning curve for me, I’ve been reading lots of articles and forum posts which have changed my mindset considerably over the past 3-4 months I’ve been trying to find my ideal first (hopefully last me 3-4 years before I seek better) telescope set up. It started with looking at an celestron EQ114 for £167 which I soon left behind and found the SW 130 which came in 3 variants, 130, the shorter 130p with a parabolic mirror or the motorised 130m. I settled on the 130p on a EQ2 mount at £195 wi
  3. Thank you for the reply, I’ve almost convinced myself to go that bit further and get the 150p with a 2” focuser that has a direct camera attachment. ive read some people having success with it and others saying it needs a further 1cm inward travel. I hope the ones that had issues still had the older version without the removable extension for Eyepieces. But if I do have problems I will come back to the idea of making the slim eos-m adaptor. I took the first step of buying the M3 camera with 18-55 kit lens, witch I’m very happy with. Although I have no tripod or mount I have
  4. Hello, sorry to bring up an old thread but I wondered how you had got on? I’m new to here and just starting out. I’ve been reading up and I’m committed to starting out in both visual and Astro photography. I’ve settled on the Sky watcher explorer 130p as my first telescope. I’m planning to use the canon m3 as my camera as I too figured it would solve the focus issue with reflectors and I couldn’t find an adaptor that didn’t add the back focus which would defeat the object of having the 18mm the mirror less provides. I had come up with 2 possible solutions, an eos-m to m39 adaptor wit
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