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  1. thank you very much for all your comments, very appreciated. thank you also for those who place photos.
  2. I would like to thank you all for your good advice.
  3. hi all , I would like to have your opinion on this mount. i want to put a 120mm ed of skywatcher, for visual only. thank you .
  4. good morning or good evening . I would like to know what is the prism in a binoculars apm 100mm 90 degrees? bak 4 or bak 7 or ... thx .
  5. I must say that Taurus fascinates me at the moment, very pretty gems hidden there.
  6. I have to add taurus. wow there are several things i didn't consider before. but i have to say, wow.
  7. i am very happy to see you like this thread. thank you for your fascinating sharing.
  8. I am happy to see all of these replies to my post, thank you very much. I learn a lot from your answers, from your personal experiences. Once again thank you .
  9. another memory comes to my mind, many here have talked about it. the aurora borealis. I remember 1989 in March in the middle of the month. a magnetic storm hits Quebec in its entirety, its happening overnight so no one knows yet. in the morning no one has electricity. electricity comes back little by little in the evening. suddenly I look at the sky and the show begins, shapes of all colors appear, green, blue, mauve, red. it was by far the most beautiful spectacle of the northern lights that I have seen for life. I remembered this while re-reading passages from this thread.
  10. pair of binoculars, celestron made in japan in the 90s. 8x50 bak 4, 8 degrees of fields.
  11. I enjoyed seeing Hyakutake comet. hall-bopp comet. but the gift of a lifetime Shoemaker-Levy 9. WOW, When for the first time I heard about this comet, I was captivated by the fact that it could perhaps enter into a collision with Jupiter. there it is in 1993 and they predict that it will be on the way to colision in July 1994 with the giant jupiter. I immediately bought a telescope to see this phenomenon. So from July 16, 1994 to July 22, 1994, I was in the front row to see this show with my telescope. the spectacle of a lifetime, nothing has yet captivated me so much. voila
  12. which astronomical event struck you the most. there may be more than one. as for me, I will tell you a little later. I'll give you the floor first.
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