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    Anyone know where I can get telfon washers from? - about 3cm diameter. The interweb did'nt really help this time. I found my old TV upswing head in the cupboard the other day and was thinking about trying it on the BB tripod. I don't really want to wear the rubber washer that's on the tripod out so I thought sourcing a teflon equivalent might be a better long term solution. Cheers M
  2. Hi All Has anyone tried to take a full disk shot using a 2" Lunt Wedge with a DSLR?.. and failed that is due to insufficient front focus? Tried it last week with the FS102 & the TS 80 Apo. One solution I guess would be to cut the tube(s) down (not going to do that!) Any thoughts? or is it a case of getting a DMK? Cheers Mark
  3. A bit off-topic - I've only just twigged through another post that we may get a chance at the transit of Venus next year - well the end of it anyway. The downside is I've just looked at the NOAA satellite imagery for early (early) morning on the 6th June and the only time the entire UK was cloud-free (ish) in the last 5 years was in 2006 - may have to dig a bit deeper to and find some earlier scenes to try and increase the probability of good weather:clouds2:
  4. Does this mean TS are slipping? I'd like to think I can buy with confidence from Wolfi in the future.
  5. So 28th Sept 2015 for the next total then?? Rats
  6. Hi Adam Thanks for the offer - much appreciated. I've been using Thousand Oaks filters for white light for a while now but only purchased the LUNT wedge earlier this year. It certainly does provide another level of detail over the glass. But looking at sun-spots in white light does have it's limitations - especially when you see and read the reports of others on SGL and Spaceweather - makes me quite envious! I'm south side living beneath the micro-climate of Addenbrookes BTW. Cheers
  7. Hi Merlin With PST mods do you still have the "sweet-spot" issue? Thanks
  8. Found this on the TS website yesterday. TS 6' Imaging Newton - 150mm Öffnung f/4 - 2' MONORAIL Auszug Probably from the same factory as the Astro-Tech version sold across the pond - but it does look kind of interesting - at least to a confirmed refractor head like me.
  9. At least someone got lucky! I spent a few hours looking at the satellite photos from NERC at Dundee looking for any possible breaks over East Anglia! - gave up hope by mid-afternoon. Cheers
  10. Hi All "The Coronado PST has been redesigned for increased contrast and image brightness" is what you see on the websites - but what exactly have Meade done? I'd like to get into H-Alpha but at the moment can't quite open the wallet wide enough to shell out for a Lunt60 B1200 or something like that. I've read Stephen Ramsdens' reviews etc so in the price range of the PST is the LUNT 35. Now I know you get what you pay for, but if you had say £500 what would you go for today the PST or the LUNT? for purely visual use that is. Thanks
  11. Forgive my lack of knowledge - but how does the latest model differ from the old? Thanks
  12. I know this man from Uni days Don't trust him
  13. Wish I had the skill and the patience!
  14. Hi Sy Sorry you've had such a bad experience with TS. I've recently had a the 80/480 from them and apart from a small grub screw that had worked it's way loose and was rattling around inside! (soon dropped out after a few shakes) it was fine. I can't believe they shipped it out like that - totally astonished to be honest. I've had nothing but great service from them. When it does get sorted and you get a good one you won't be disappointed. Mark
  15. I recently purchased the TS 80/480 triplet after reading about it's merits on SGL - perhaps a bit short for planetary but the optics and mechanics are first class. Shipping from TS was only 12.99 euros, so perhaps combined with the Skytee would still leave you a lot of change from £1500. Cheers Mark
  16. Hi John There's nothing like a long FL refractor - seems like a real telescope to me (sorry everyone who's not a refractor addict ) Thanks for sharing another great looking scope with us. I'd love to be able to justify a purchase, but with the FS102 on the bookcase...just can't quite force myself - yet Looking forward to reading about the new project. Cheers Mark
  17. Hi John Thanks. At the moment its sitting on the BB with the 410 head - my grab and go of choice at the moment. Had a brief view of the sun last weekend using the Lunt Wedge - very pleased with that to, and the 1st quarter moon the other night. The views were "Takahashi-esque!" Not sure if that's the correct spelling - but you get my drift! Cheers Mark
  18. Hi All Thanks Just the dual speed retro-fit. With the Tak original although it was only single speed, everything would usually snap into focus - with only minor movements needed. But for me that was the problem as well esp below 0° when the metal contracted. And yes I already do keep playing with the focuser and thinking "is that the right amount of backlash - can I make the motion any smoother? - hmmh" Cheers Mark
  19. I've had two of them - if you include the re-shelled version the 127 SCT that I still have. The other was the white tube spotter version made in California. Both had/have cracking optics or any discernible image shift. M
  20. Hi all I decided to treat the FS-102 to a new focuser so I opted for the Feathertouch retro-fit from Starlight. With the exchange rate at the moment - I hate to say it but it was cheaper including shipping and tax to get it direct from Indiana. Anyway - installed it this morning in about an hour. The instructions were very clear - Wayne at SL actually emailed me them over before I made the purchase as I had a few questions regarding the process. So all in all very pleased with it. ....and just in time for the UK monsoon season.
  21. For me Met Check seem to have the better record than the Met Office / BBC. Also there's a free account at the NERC Satellite website: Dundee Satellite Receiving Station and use the link to MODIS - you'll get a reasonably hi-res RGB image or for a few days ahead the full disk image from Meteosat. Works for me anyhoo. M
  22. Just checked on Heavens Above and they have an ISS pass just past 4am on the 31st May at 17° elevation - so assuming STS134 drops to a lower orbit it should arrive a few minutes earlier. Might sound a bit mean - but another 48hr scrub would be nice.
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