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  1. Hello all Sorry for the late reply! Many thanks to all who replied and please excuse my lack of knowledge and use of incorrect terminology! - I was referring to the blocking filter reducing the apparent FOV. Thanks for your post Michael, I'm seriously thinking about the 12mm Nagler now. At the moment I don't have any really good eyepieces, save the 18mm BGO so I'm looking forward to getting the best out of my scopes when I get the Nagler. Cheers Mark
  2. Hello all I'm been toying with the idea of getting a 12mm delos for use in a varierty of scopes, one of which is a Lunt 60 B1200 PT. Would I be right in assuming that the FOV yielded by the delos would be a bit wasted in the Lunt given the blocking filter? Any advice welcome! Thanks Mark
  3. Thanks John. I think I'll just give it a good clean and re-grease. I've noticed there's a sort of 'notch' as the dovetail axis goes past the vertical. There's nothing I can see on the bearings so I'm assuming it's a function of the sprung tension washer used? Any thoughts? It didn't have a very good debut - my lunt prism slipped round in the FS-78 compression ring and tipped my 18mm BGO on to the garden slabs! much swearing was heard by all in ear shot. My fault though for not tightening it enough!
  4. I've done two mounts following Astronomy Boys instructions. I also polished all bearing surfaces with steel wool & brasso type polish. Worked wonders! When you re-assemble the bearings make sure it's all perfectly aligned - I didn't on one and nearly jammed the thing, got it apart again but only after a bit of a sit down and a think! Good luck M
  5. Morning all, I have recently acquired an AZ-4 mount. I was wondering if there is any merit in polishing the metal bearing surface on the altitude axis that the telfon disc runs on. I've done a couple of CG-5s before as per Astro-Boy's instructions and they made quite a difference in the motions. Any advice welcome! Thanks M
  6. Just bought an AstroTrac and your image has certainly provided inspiration. Hope I can get to the same level of detail with my attempts! Did you shoot raw or jpeg btw? M
  7. Morning Thanks for your replies. I'll take your advice and contact FLO! Mark
  8. Morning all Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to remove an AZ-4 head from the SW tripod and attach it to a Berlebach with Vixen GP style top plate? the same model as FLO sell. Thanks Mark
  9. Hi James Thanks for pointing that out. I hope the 75 mins is correct. Beeb online has it at 22:35 to 11:05 except in Wales. M
  10. Excellent idea about the name change.. and more of a tribute to the man than the pathetic 30 minute only programme the BBC is showing tonight. I find that quite disgusting of them TBH.
  11. It is a bit of a "non-announcement" if ever there was one!
  12. I have one on my shopping list. Could come in handy if next years comets put on a show. M
  13. Morning Anyone have any thoughts on this: http://www.apm-teles...inoculars1.html Could be useful as an alternative to a telepod head for lightweight grab and go scopes? Cheers Mark
  14. Pretty good isn't it. A colleague at work sent me the link to I thought I'd pass it on. M
  15. If you haven't seen this clip yet it's well worth a look - the soundtrack is a bit suspect though.. www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2011/11/video-perhaps-the-best-hd-view-of-earth-from-space-ever/248395/
  16. Thanks - I will get in touch with them. I had also thought about inviting our local council rep round to have a look. Due to it's orientation the light also shines almost straight into your face as you open the back door - it's actually quite difficult to make out the step down into the garden due to being dazzled. Cheers Mark
  17. Morning all Anyone else having to put up with the new "Eco" lighting - I suspect there are. The CC in Cambs have just implemented them - well until they ran out of money anyway (somebody didn't do the maths on that one correctly:evil6:). If they had just replaced the head that wouldn't have been too bad (apart from you can't get an LPR to filter them out?) but no, on a few they decided to rip out the old posts and replace them with ones 1m higher so I now have a back garden that is illuminated like a playing field to the extent that the grass looks like astro-turf. I'm trying to decide whether to bother to make a nuisance of myself to them - but it probably won't get me anywhere. So apart from having a rant here it may be time to bid farewell to amateur astronomy - so watch the for-sale boards. Cheers Mark
  18. There's an excellent book called "Halfway to Anywhere" - written about the time SSTO was the in thing or Robert Zubrin's "The Case for Mars" - both are a good source of info. M
  19. Hi Ant Thanks for your reply. Should have PM'd you but it wasn't urgent! Hmmhh some thinking to do! Cheers Mark
  20. Hi Ant I've been thinking about down sizing the kit - again! - mainly as I really don't get a chance to use what I've got! The two options I see at the moment are the TV85 and the TS90. I love the look and feel of TV scopes having had a Pronto but is the TV 85 really worth what amounts to about an additional £1K? - bit cheeky of me to ask:rolleyes: but in your review you did mention that the 90 compared to the 85. Any advice welcome! Cheers Mark
  21. Hope you like the colour purple - and I don't mean the movie.. Still a lovely scope tho.
  22. Very envious If you do decide to part with it - PM me. my less than perfect Pronto I bought new from SCS in 1999 has seen better days - the cement around the edge of the lens has a serious problem. Maybe I should put a wanted request on Astro-Ads hmmmh. Cheers Mark
  23. Thanks to all. Have a milk bottle just about done! Cheers Mark
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