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  1. Thanks Martin, that sounds the kind of jumping off point I need. I'll look into it
  2. Knocks my efforts into the dark ages! Lovely image, I think it'll be a while before I build up the courage to post any of my efforts.
  3. What a great, thought provoking thread. I am at the start of my imaging oddessy and really struggle to get anything that resembles the brilliant images one sees here. Getting to grips with what the processes do is for me the first task as I don't want to become too mired in generating "artistic" and visually striking images. I know authentic is a bit of a misnomer, but I feel that less is more given what you actually see when looking upwards. Looking forward to getting to understand and use the software more effectively than I am managing ATM!
  4. Starsense Explorer LT was where I started a year ago and I think it is a great and painless entry into stargazing. Really simple and quick to set up, light weight so easy to move if buildimg/tree dodging required to reveal clear losing of sight to targets and remarkably accurate in getting you pointed at exactly the right bit of sky. Limitations of an inexpensive set up allowed for, i think it is a brilliant system for starting out.
  5. Welcome to SGL and congrats on a great choice of OTA - lots of incredible things to capture through that.
  6. 100-120mm Takahashi refractor.....hhmmm Still on my "wish but can I really justify the expenditure" list....
  7. Indeed so, that kind of thing seems to sit in the sweet spot for longevity and utility, albeit I've not looked through one yet! I've reading up on and lusting after a Tak TSA 102, but wonder whether I haven't simply succumbed to Takitis having fallen in love with the aesthetics, engineering and image quality of my FC 76 D!
  8. As some of you might know in 2015 Snowdonia National Park was awarded the designation of International Dark Sky Reserve by the International Dark Sky Institute. There is a project in place to maintain, monitor and promote the protection of this prestigious award and the wonderful viewing it affords across a significant geographic area. Last week I went along to a briefing by the coordinating officer (Dani Robertson) who is looking for volunteers to go out and do the monitoring activities that are needed to maintain the dark skies designation. She has a vast area to monitor and cannot achieve it alone. It might be something other SGL members might be interested in supporting. The Dark Sky reserve extends beyond the bounds of the National Park and includes the AONB for Clwydian Range and Dee Valley, the Llyn Penninsula and Ynys Mon. More information can be found on the national park website (www.eryri.llyw.cymru), Facebook (Prosiect Nos) or indeed directly from Dani (email dani.roberston@eryri.llyw.cymru) Let's help protect our Ddark skies! Cheers John
  9. Hi Dave and welcome, looks like you have a good start to your astro journey with the gear you have inherited. Good luck and enjoy getting to grips with it all. I am having a blast (along with a few frustrations) as I pursue my own foray into the night skies. Cheers John
  10. I reckon that I am still searching for my forever 'scope, but even after only 12 months in the game I have a better idea of what that might look like - and tend to agree with aa6ww above - needs to find that sweet spot between light grab and portability/ease of set up. I am erring towards 4" apo refractor, probably a double rather than triple as i sense imaging is unlikely to be something I will stick with. I love my Photoline 130, but it is damned heavy and in time will become too heavy for my aging frame to lunk outside. My Tak 76 is a joy to use, but I am conscious of its small aperture being a little limiting. Time will tell where I leap, but I probably need to do some side by side comparisons to see what the real differences are with something that sits between the two.
  11. Fair call and I will indeed try to make a more active contribution than that I have managed to date through multiple purchases of gear from other members here! My road in both visual and photographic sides of the discipline has been rocky and strwen with mistakes and hard won experiences. Perhaps they would be helpful to others. I'll try to compose some thoughts in the coming days/weeks.
  12. Hi Dweller, I've been hedging my bets! Initially started visually with a small reflector on a cheap alt az mount, ccidentally bought a bigger one on an eq3-2 (the latter wasn't really up to the task) tried video capture on a modified webcam, got hooked by that stage, and evolved onto a bigger mount (az eq5). 200D-PS and 76dcs added to the fold along with an unmoved canon dslr. Am loving doing dual sessions where I set things rolling imaging with the 200ps (or the TS photoline triple I have also aquired) and then wander around manually star hunting and getting familiar with the skies using the Tak on the eq3-2. I love the latter and am currently frustrated by lack of processing expertise on the former. Trying hard to curb my apparent propensity for acquiring new toys, but so tempted to get a 4" refractor to marry up with the 3". Might have to sell something reflective to salve my conscience!
  13. Just to confirm he appeared above the horizon godawful early one morning here in N Wales while I was doing an all night imaging session on the Eastern Veil! I was unexpectedly pleased to welcome him back.
  14. Yup deffo raining in this bit of N Wales with the skies broadly devoid of clouds. That said some great views of Jupiter and Saturn through handy binoculars, rather than a wet telescope! Needs must.....
  15. Looks like a really good bit of kit. Thanks for flagging it's usefulness
  16. I suspect there will need to be a functional prototype first to iron out design issues, - Cchairs are notoriously tricky to get right, even simple ones for sitting at a table. Thiis will be an interesting diversion from other endeavours. Watch this space.......
  17. Welcome back Matt and good luck with your search for a new instrument.
  18. As a cabinet maker I am loving the inspiration this thread is providing - time to move away from Adirondack chairs and jewellery boxes for a short time in order to make myself something for observing!
  19. I think there is a lot to be said for a small 3" APO that can be "thrown outside" at short notice when unforseen clear skies arise. In my limited time peering upwards some of my most enjoyable nights have been impromptu visual sessions like that. IMHO a light weight easy to move set up is worth it's weight in gold to maximise viewing opportunities.
  20. Set up for a parallel imaging and visual session , N Wales skies at their best as the sun set.
  21. Welcome to SGL and although I can't help with your question I hope some of the vast expertise here will give you some steers soon
  22. Gogleddgazer

    Hello all

    Hi Red, and welcome to the Lounge - astro modding my 60D is next on my agenda, I've not been as brave as you yet!
  23. That is timely and really helpful as I was just considering buying one! Time to break out the tool kit! Thanks for putting up your solution to the problem
  24. Hi Folks Does anyone have any recommended books on Astro image processing? Being a bluff old traditionalist I prefer a good book to online tutorials in YouTube. I have a copy of Making Every Photon Count, which has been invaluable in getting me to the point of capturing plenty of data, but my efforts seem to be let down by my not understanding what I am doing within the processing activity. I use Registax to stack and Siril/Gimp to process but really don't understand what lies behind the various adjustments that these wonderful applications provide. I could do with something that covers both 'what' the manipulations do, as well as "how" to do them. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance John
  25. G'day All I suspect I am not alone as a "lurking" member, but as a beginner don't feel I have much to offer as a poster. However, I have been active on the buy/sell section and picked up some great gear from other members. Understandable new rules in that arena have prompted me to try and become more active. More to follow elsewhere in order to build my reputation. Best regards John
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