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  1. If any of you are lucky enough to own more then one Tal, you might be able to answer. Is the width between the holes ( that attach to the drilled holes in the OTA) on the finderscope brackets for the 6 x 30 and 8 x 50 the same ? many thanks.
  2. I have the Kindle software on my HTC Desire, no where near as good a real 'kindle'. I might be converted over, still prefer the paper version at the moment.
  3. I agree Orion is stunning, also easy to find, which is nice.
  4. GrahamS

    new guy

    Welcome and Hello.
  5. I saw Saturn for the first time at approx 06:00 this morning, not too early. It was incredible to see it though.
  6. Welcome and Hello, there's plenty of advice to be had here.
  7. I saw Saturn for the first time, amazing. Also, Venus very bright. Well worth the early start.
  8. That is awful, hope it works out ok.
  9. Welcome and Hello, nice scope.
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