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  1. Thank you I've ordered PC cable to reflash firmware, if it will not make any difference, I will get board replacement from OVL, factory quote for two boards upgrade + delivery 139£.
  2. "The SynScan hand controller contains a built-in self-diagnosis program. To run a full test, you first need to make a “Loop-Test Plug” by referring to Appendix E and the following instructions: • Short the pin-2 (TX_RS232C) and pin-5 (RX_RS232C) of an RJ-12 plug. 1. Insert the two “Loop-Test Plugs” into the corresponding ports of the SynScan hand controller." Does anyone know if I need a special cable for this test as I only have two cables, handset to control box, and control box to az box.
  3. Here is 2 videos: 1st - encoders disabled 2nd - enabled (no reaction from handset on manual moves at the end of video) DSC_0980.MOV DSC_0982.MOV
  4. I will double check all the wires and connections. I'm using 12v 5amp adapter, which I believe more than enough for this mount. About the encoders, I don't think they are working at all. As when they are in enabled handset not getting any data from them(when I manually move a scope with encoders turned on) same when they are disabled. Another interesting thing, when encoders are on coordinates changing weird. I'll post a video in a couple of minutes
  5. Jumper removal fixed the problem with inverted controls, but the other problems still there unfortunately I don't know what is the solution for this problems now. Scope slewing now to the correct directon, but not where the target should be, here is video example(sorry about the mess, Work in progress ) Target - moon, settings entered to the handset - is todays date, correct coordinates etc, time entered 20:00:00, at this time the moon will be where the picture of Buddha is on the wall (see video) however scope behave really strange as you can see. Plus another problem is that speed r
  6. I just came back home, and first thing I did - removed that jumper from the board, and you know what, now all the controls are back to normal, they not inverted anymore, I didn`t try alignment and GoTo yet, but I think we did it this time Hopefully it will solve the problem, more than happy!
  7. Yep, I just posted the screenshot as example of coordinates I'm entering to the original handset.
  8. Also another weird thing, I can't change slewing speed rate, mater what speed I choose 1-9 scope moves without any difference.
  9. I haven't got an WiFi adapter, using app just to get coordinates, before that I was getting coordinates from Internet, based on my location.
  10. Unfortunately previous owner didn't supply PC cable, but I'm thinking of getting one, it's always good to have it. I will try to play with jumper tomorrow and see how the scope behave. Also will post the video of setup process and scope movements.
  11. If I press N button (arrow up) scope pointing down, S - up, W - base moving to the right, E - left. Looks like all the controls mirrored
  12. I will post pictures of my setup tomorrow, and will film some video of how the scope behave, but I can say now that all the wires are connected as they should. Here is a screenshot of the app I'm using to get the coordinates. They are a bit different now, as I'm at work at the moment. But time zone West and North elevation and date I always entering right.
  13. Yes, this is exactly what's happening on both axis. I will try to find a data sheet for those stepper motors or will use a tester to find the loops, thank you for the warning Malcolm.
  14. I will try to reverse the polarity of the stepper motors tomorrow, maybe it will make any difference, because I've noticed that Dec/alt coordinates on the screen changing opposite telescope movements.
  15. Yep. I can confirm it does looks like this, the control box on the left if I look from the back. I had the same thought as you Malcolm.
  16. Thank you very much for providing all this information Malcolm, appreciate it very much. unfortunately I wasn't able so post so many details as my English and technical knowledge are not very good. I can say that all the coordinates I've entered has been saved in handset and every time I turn the mount on it shows the last coordinates, and all the time, date settings from the previous session. I also performed a factory reset, and it didn't make any difference. Also I've tried to play with W/E N/S coordinates, but no matter what I do scope still pointing down
  17. Hello Peter, thank you for your reply. I've tried both, brightest star and 2 stars alignment. Also tried without alignment. Scope flat and pointing North, when I select any target visible in the sky at the moment, lets say Mars, my scope from that starting position, start pointing down to the ground.
  18. Might be, I'll check the settings again tomorrow thank you for your reply. But I couldn't find this option in there before tbh.
  19. Hello dear SGL members, I bought a used skywatcher 250p DOB with SynScan Az GoTo few months ago, but I can't make it work unfortunately. During setup procedure I'm entering correct time format and all the necessary settings and coordinates according to SynScanInit app. But for some reason my scope is not slewing in the right direction. Let's say if I select Mars as a target, scope slewing opposite direction and points down instead of pointing up. Also when I use the arrows to move the scope, it looks like that arrow controls are inverted. Left arrow moves the scope to the right and same with
  20. Hello, I have Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Flex Tube SynScan GOTO Dobsonian Telescope, which I bought few months ago from eBay (previous owner used it about 8-9 times only) everything in great condition mirrors and tube/base 3 eyepieces and x2 barlow lens, I am looking for astrophotography setup telescope and suitable mount for DSO photography mostly I do have a DSLR camera Nikon D3300, which I can probably use for taking photos. I know that decent setup cost a lot of money, but maybe someone can suggest a setup to start with, or got it and would like to swap. Please PM me for more info if in
  21. Hello everyone, I am that happy owner who sent this badly damaged MC-003 board to Malcolm and received it back in fully working condition I wanted to make a video showing that everything is working as it should, but unfortunately my smartphone is at repair center now, and the phone I am using now (old Nokia 3310) haven't got a camera But I have tested all the SynScan functions and can confirm that everything is just working brilliantly Now just need to wait for clear sky to enjoy it lol I want to say a massive Thank You!!!! to Malcolm and Archie, for all they did to bring this bo
  22. Thank you very much for your help you lovely people
  23. Hello dear SL members! My name is Mihail and I’m new at this forum and in astronomy I have read a lot of SL topics about equipment for beginners and decided to buy a SW 250px classic version. However due to pandemic those models were out of stock and the next available delivery date supposed to be December - January. I will admit, I didn’t had enough patience to wait so long so I found and bought a good (Used) SW 250p telescope with AZ SynScan GoTo on eBay. The telescope itself is about 15 years old but it is in a really great condition. The only problem is that the synscan is not working
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