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  1. I would like to suggest general camera settings, if possible, perhaps 1/1000 sec and ISO 2000. if you can bracket the exposure, it may help. Best Regards, Marv
  2. I am pretty sure your EQ6R cannot slew at the ISS speed, as you suspected, but also, is your autoguider connected to a finderscope of small enough magnification where the ISS doesnt sweep across your sensor in a nanosecond, leaving it unable to send drive corrections to your EQ drive?
  3. Yes, I used my same focus on Jupiter for the ISS too. in fact, I was just finishing focusing on Jupiter with a Bahtinov mask when I saw the ISS start across the sky. I took about 20 pics over a couple of minutes. This one pic was the sharpest of the bunch. I think I just got lucky, but I was pressing the shutter and keeping the ISS centered in the finderscope, at the same time. Kind Regards, Marv
  4. Hello, On September 18th 2020, I was observing Jupiter through my C8, with 26mm eyepiece and had my Sony A9 attached for eyepiece projection when I noticed the ISS make a pass overhead. I set my A9 to 1/800 sec and ISO 2000 and was able to capture a pic by hand guiding my guidescope and keeping the ISS on the crosshairs. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome, comments welcome at my first attempt at imaging the ISS. Marv
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