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  1. Hi. I' new. REALLY new. And clueless... I know absolutely NOTHING about Telescopes, but I really want to get my daughter one for Xmas. She is 14 and has been fascinated with astronomy her entire life. This child can tell you all about black holes, nebulas, comets, moons, galaxies, solar systems, you name it..... She spends endless hours reading and learning.... We are not a rich family. Often times we have to make choices of buying food or paying the utilities... But I have been saving money for over 6 months, and I have about $200 to spend on a telescope for her for Xmas... She saw Saturn once thru her (more financially blessed) friends telescope over 2 years ago, and she still talks about it.... I have been trying to research various telescopes online, but I will be honest here. I am completely clueless... I have NO Idea what telescope to get her so that she can view the moon's surface close up... Or so that she can see the rings of Saturn clearly again any time she wants... Could I PLEASE ask for some suggestions on what I should get her? Please? Is there maybe a place where used, decent telescopes are sold once someone has upgraded to a more expensive one??? ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!! :) Thank you kindly!
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