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  1. NGC 6992 - SW 150/750 + QHY8L 31x 10min
  2. 1 Little deconv. in Maxim + Arcsinh Stretch 2 Starnet 3 PS new version 28-11-2020
  3. My is more like this from GSO https://archiwum.allegro.pl/oferta/teleskop-newton-ts-150-600-astrograf-f-4-i6470250721.html https://teleskopy.pl/Teleskop-GSO-N-150/600-6--F/4-M-LRN-na-montażu-Sky-Watcher-EQ5-teleskopy-2062.html Metal is soft, loosing colimation etc etc Horror
  4. I wish. The cheapest of the cheapest. Just metal tube. GPU coma corrector.
  5. In October last year I started and this year I didn't catch a single frame because of the "fantastic" weather we have today. 44 x 300s Ha TS Newton 150/600 + ASI1600
  6. NGC 896 130x 300s TS Newton 150/600 + ASI 1600mm
  7. IC 1805 Heart Nebula LHaRGB TS APO 65 + ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool Baader L: 100x120" -20C bin 1x1 Baader Ha 7nm: 140x120" -20C bin 1x1 Baader Red: 20x120" -20C bin 1x1 Baader Green: 20x120" -20C bin 1x1 Baader Blue: 20x120" -20C bin 1x1
  8. I did not expect it to turn out so well. Old lens.
  9. C.Z.Jena Pentacon 2,8 180mm (6x6) + ASI1600 LHaRGB L 11x 30s + 35x 300s Ha 12x 300s 41x30sek for RGB
  10. NGC 6888 SHO TS Newton 150/600 F4 + ASI 1600mm Baader Ha, SII, OIII Ha - 80x 120s, SII - 65x 120s BIN2, OIII - 136 x 120s BIN2 Bortlea Class 8-9
  11. I have darks for 120s 300s UGain. For another gain need another darks.
  12. Baader Ha 7nm, Baader SII, Baader OIII 8,5nm Calibration +stack SirilIC, App for light pollution, Maxim for deconvolution and DDP > PS
  13. NGC 281 SHO no resize, crop 1x1 TS 150/600 F4 + ASI 1600mm Bortlea Class 8-9 Baader Ha 300 x 120s + 90 x 300s Baader SII 90 x 120s Baader OIII 40 x 120s
  14. Hi. My Rosette Nebula in SHO. Setup: Baader Ha 36x 5min Baader SII 20x 2min bin2 Baader OIII 13x 2 min bin2 ASI 1600 mm + CZJ Sonnar 180mm F2,8 (F5,6) iOptron iEQ45 Bortlea Class 4-5 CS fo all.
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