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  1. Lathers


    Well it was dropped about 5ft in its box thanks DHL. I probably would have rejected it had I had seen what had happened, the tube has a little crease. Still I suspect it will be the first of many.
  2. Lathers


    Wow good morning and thank you for the warm welcome. I have a skywatcher 250pds with a altaz eq6 GT mount. The current struggle is collimation, unfortunately the scope was dropped on delivery so everything was knocked well out of alignment.
  3. Lathers


    Thank you, hopefully I won't be too much of a pain.
  4. Lathers


    Hi Just a hello and apologies for the cloud cover (my fault they turned with my telescope and have hardly left). I'm an Engineer from Kent just trying to take a closer look really. Hopefully somewhere on the learning curve just above bottom but enjoying it. Michael
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