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  1. ...others include Rothervalleyoptics and Tringastro - I’ve had excellent service from both recently. RVO has been very responsive with my email enquiries
  2. Yes much smaller...at least in my shot But very bright the other night!
  3. Thanks John! Good to know and managing expectations
  4. Well I have to report that there was a rare cold, crisp London sky over the evening and the ST80 delivered some “small is beautiful views” In order of appearance: Jupiter and Saturn, a handsome couple framed perfectly within in the fov of the Baader 32 plossl A peak at Saturn’s rings through the 6mm ortho Jupiter’s two main belts given a helping hand courtesy of the skyglow filter (jury still out on the level of improvement..) Mars, smaller but still so bright! And holding up at 133x barlowed to reveal tiny albedo markings - possibly even the telltale triangle (but ma
  5. Well I do have my eye on a TakDZ for next year anyway...just need to be patient Always fun looking for "bargains" though
  6. All beautiful shots regardless - but the difference is obvious! Thank you (typically the Mak 90 I found is already sold! ...it was the older blue model yet only 20% cheaper than a new one...such is the times of limited supply! - I guess these hold their value well though)
  7. Theoretically, that seems to make sense - and explains the current lack of detail I'm actually seeing. Probably the ultra short focal length doesn't help either - although the scope was bought as a present and for travel purposes, I was expecting to see similar views my 60mm frac gave from my teenage years, but that was indeed longer!
  8. Whilst the Baader barlow is an improvement over the SW one, I just get a bigger magnification on the same amount of detail - which isn't much to begin with Have to say, an upgrade in prism and lenses really improves CA though!
  9. Hi everyone - will be flying to less polluted skies over the next few weeks and was planning to take our Startravel 80. Just for observing, but hoping to enjoy the upcoming Jupiter Saturn conjunction... This scope is OK and am using a Baader lens/prism combo (bought in advance of an Apo frac purchase next year hopefully..) - BUT am tempted to get a used mak 90 in the hope of seeing a bit more detail Currently under good seeing, I just about see the two main cloud belts in Jupiter and Saturn's ring. Re Jupiter, would be great to see a bit more cloud detail (better defined even...) and
  10. Bingo! Thanks John I did read this a while back...my drool must have obscured the following sentence: Unthread the visual back and you get down to 595mm, but you’ll need to unthread the focuser to make the FC-100DZ carry-on portable at just 540mm ....that leaves <10mm for some assiduous padding :)))
  11. Hi! Could you let me know the length of the tube with dew shield retracted measured to the silver ring end, where the focuser unit is screwed on? Hope you've been enjoying this treasure!
  12. Thanks Jeremy. My assumption was based on a "speculative" comment from Cloudy Nights using the retail quoted length "With the dew shield retracted and accessories removed...total length..595 mm.." and then deducting I guess a further 60mm (focuser?) to make it cabin portable... https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/667850-new-takahashi-fc-100-dz-f8/page-9 If you remove the focuser the DZ is 21” (534mm) long with the dew shield collapsed. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/takahashi-fc-100-series-refractor-telescopes/tak_tfk10310.html A case of Tak fever it seems...
  13. yep...hard to resist pondering on these foggy winter nights...sorry
  14. Thanks. Noticeable improvement with the Feathertouch? I guess at high mag on a more portable tripod maybe?
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