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  1. Last night I have a lot of trouble with tracking. The thing is...the trail isn't a continous line, but a "jumpy" line Do you have any idea about what happened here? Finally, after only 30min of integration a lot of discarded images and as usual, without darks or flats or bias. Thank you!
  2. This https://aliexpress.com/item/32859631147.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.31b163c0LxoN55 It's cheap but is very nice and sturdy
  3. Last test before some mods to SA Same equipment. Canon 450d modded Astronomik CLS CCD SW 72ED No guiding 40 x 90" / ISO 1600 / No darks, no flats, no bias Heart Nebula needs many more integration time, but as a test for plate solving, I'm happy.
  4. Nop, no guiding. Even bad balancing....this night I only have 30min of exposure to M42 30 x 60" ISO 800, no darks, no flats, no bias, super bad focus, only testing the framing of the object. The balancing is very critical on the SA, I need a large dovetail to balance properly the 72ED
  5. Sure! SW 72ED / Canon 450d modded / Astronomik CLS CCD 50x90" ISO 1600 I'll try M42 next to keep learning. I guess big and bright targets are the best to practice. Today I played a little with Pixinsight and Starnet. I have to say that I'm more comfortable with Siril for non-linear process, but I understand the capabilities of Pixinsight.
  6. Hello! I'm new! After read a lot about the Star Adventurer, I pulled the trigger the past week. My first astrophotography rig! Is not a "real" image, is more a test of my equipment, so "not-yet-my-first-light". I have not done any balancing or good PA, and not any type of preprocessing, only Siril, without any darks or bias or flats. I'm very happy with the workflow and seems I can push a lot more the SA. Thank you folks for all information you posted here, it's trully amazing!!!
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