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  1. Great advice! I'm very much an 'I want it now and I want it to work according to my expectations' type, but know I need to patient and realistic so appreciate views and recommendations. Will give them all a good look. Looking forward to reading more and hopefully sharing some experience. Just hope the cloud clears soon!!
  2. Many thanks for all the advice, really appreciate it. Have had a good look at various places on the internet and it either makes me want to go out and spend vast sums of money on bits of kit or leaves you with a feeling of not knowing where to start so the ideas suggested will hopefully make things a bit easier to just get started. Thanks all!
  3. Great, will have a look at that. I've got a celestron ps1000. Perhaps not the kit I would have bought but as it was a present I want to give it a good go
  4. Hi After many years saying to myself that I want to get into astronomy my wife has bought me a telescope and I'm keen to get started. I'm after some advice: 1) Any ideas on books, websites, courses etc offering tutorials for the absolute beginner 2) any websites, apps etc for weather, seeing conditions etc 3) I like to plan ahead and have an ambition of trying my hand at astrophotography at some point. I'd therefore appreciate any views on imaging software. I have a Nikon DSLR that I'd like to try out first before venturing further. Previous recommendations pointed towards
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