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  1. Thanks Vin, much appreciated. Clear skies and Happy New Year
  2. Hi all, If anyone has upgraded to a new camera at Xmas and have a 183MC-Pro or 294MC-Pro surplus to requirements please let me know. Many thanks and a Happy and Clear New Year
  3. Hi and thanks for your response. I think the 60 is somewhat different (see pic of CEM70). The latitude adjustment is fine and very smooth but one of the clamps (in the centre of the pic) is just really stiff. I suspect a squirt of WD40 will loosen it then a bit of grease applied to smooth it. Clear skies and a Happy Christmas, Andy
  4. I've just got a CEM70, mounting a Canon 600mm f4 + Guidescope with Primaluce Losmandy dovetail. The mount is performing well and although a beast is still manageable to carry outside and setup on the iOptron tripier. The iPolar is a dream, PA takes literally 2 mins. Should be good for your Dob!!
  5. Hi all, I've had my new CEM70 for about a month now and getting good results unguided so far. The only issue I have is the Latitude adjustment clamps are very stiff and hard to turn, so much so that the Western side one no longer tightens enough. Before I start fiddling and spraying WD40 has anyone else had the same problem and solved it? Many thanks and clear skies. Andy
  6. OK, we're planning on a move either East or North Devon/Cornwall, depending on what comes up! Do you know any other Devon based members on here? Andy
  7. Hi Nigella, maybe if there's enough of us we can start it up again? Where are you based? I'm just starting AP seriously with existing Canon gear and a CEM70 mount, just need these darn clouds to go away 🌧
  8. Been here 6 years now, the clouds are very familiar 🌧. Looking to move East next year, love the Blackdowns, just need to find the right location for the darkest skies
  9. Welcome aboard, I'm in Devon too and just starting out. What part of Devon are you in? The clouds are rather persistent at the moment 🌧 .
  10. A really helpful and in-depth guide David, will certainly help me locate DSOs with my Star Adventurer
  11. Thanks again Peter, I've done a rough check but will do this next time. Would a 10mm eyepiece be high enough power for my 5 inch scope or 25mm with my 2xBarlow? I've already installed Bob's Knobs so good to go. No sign of clear skies for a few days here in Devon. Best, Andy
  12. Thanks Peter, I have a Bahtinov mask so will try that with Sharpcap next clear night. I also don't have Goto at the moment (using a Skywatcher Star Adventurer). I tried installing Metaguide to help with collimation but it won't run on my laptop. Is there another software solution to make it easier? Clear skies, Andy
  13. Thanks for the encouragement Paul, I had several attempts until this night when the seeing was OK. I'd struggled with focus but used the Moon for this one. I also haven't done a fine collimation check yet. I was also wondering if my Bresser Barlow was up to the task or if a Televue would be better? Cheers, Andy
  14. Mars 25/10/2020 This is my first stab at planetary imaging with my old Celestron 5SE, 2xBarlow and ZWO ASI290MC. Not up to the standard of others on here but pleased to bring out some detail. This really makes me want a bigger scope and mount, hopefully one day. Clear skies all
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