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  1. Thanks for the comment and I’ve now set mine to the same or near enough values. However the kit seems to be slightly different from what I have so will have to see later tonight.
  2. Hi, I recently purchased the below from FLO and am really struggling to get good focus on my guide camera and wondering if you can give me any suggestions. It’s consistently losing the star whilst guiding. I have tried extending the front by unscrewing etc but to get any sort of focus I need to have the red screw piece practically all the way in and the camera on the very extreme outer edge to get any level of stars in view. I just can’t seem to get a decent enough focus so am hoping you can offer some advice / guidance please? I’m using an ASI AIRPRO for the guiding.
  3. Thanks Malc. I managed to find my error and Amazon delivered a EQMod cable yesterday. Hey presto! It worked! hoping for clear sky’s tonight to learn about auto-guiding and fingers crossed get a nice picture of pleiades!
  4. So after ordering my Asiair Pro and waiting a month for it to come I’ve made the schoolboy error of not understanding how to connecting it up successfully and now I’m left wondering what I need. after 40 minutes trying to polar align I finally got the first plate solve! Then nothing from the mount..... I believe I need a cable to connect the hand controller to the asiair pro. But I can’t find anywhere which one is best to get! Im unsure if I can just use a usb a to usb b cable or if I need a serial to usb or what. Hopefully someone can help!
  5. So thanks to all that commented. Whilst I’m still Terrible at polar alignment after finally getting something resembling a moon I did a little focusing and here’s the result of my first ZWO shoot. thank you guys!!!!!
  6. If I can just ask Craig, which of the adaptors in the picture would you suggest using please? I can only seem to fit the bottom left adaptor in the image above directly to the camera but this won’t fit on the T2 u used with the canon to add length.
  7. Thank you. I’ll give that a shot too if I can’t get focus on the moon a bit later this afternoon. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the forum. Never seems to disappoint. Thank you all.
  8. Thanks Sean, I’ll try this. I’m aware I could just be shooting too close but thought it would be able to focus initially on my target as my canon 700d does. I’ll give it a shot and try.
  9. Hi Craig, thank you for replying. I’m trying to focus on a tree a very long way off. all I’m seeing is green as I take it through the gain or exposure on the way to white or black (depending on which way the slide is going). im really unsure if the adapter I’m using are the correct ones for my scope?
  10. Hi All, im hoping someone can help. I have a skywatcher 150p explorer scope and in wanting to get better DSO shots I’ve purchased a ZWO ASI533MC Pro camera however I’m trying to attach the camera to the scope to gain focus and attempt to get used to the software during the day so that in the eve o can hopefully get a few shots going. I simply can’t seem to get any level of focus. I’m aware regards the gain and exposure and am sure it’s not that but more the spacers I’m using when attaching to my scope. i have tried so many combinations and the manual does not seem to line up with the wording on the spacers it’s self. Can anyone please help!! I have attached the spacers I have in the pack. I’m sure I’m doing something stupid but just can’t seem to resolve this.
  11. Hi Geoff, thanks for the advice. I assume the EQ3 Pro can track Mars though or am I wishful thinking?
  12. Hi All, I'd just like to say thanks for all those that have commented. It's a tad confusing when getting started as you'll all probably remember but the advice has been clear and easy to follow. It seems like I now understand regards to the usable magnification and how to calculate this given the kit I have. If I have then I will try again tonight (weather permitting) by placing my scope outside for a couple of hours and using a 10x eyepiece with a 3x barlow as my scope has a focal length of 750mm which if my calculations are correct works out to 225x magnification? Then on to working out how I can photograph this with the Canon 700D....
  13. Hi there, I assume you have just 'blown' the images up a bit here and these are not the actual sizes taken with a camera?
  14. Hi All, im totally new to this and have been getting setup over the past 3 months. I’ve purchased a Skywatcher 150P on a EQ3 Pro mount. I have a 2x and 3x Barlow with 10x and 20x eyepieces. I’m trying to view and photograph Mars as it’s so bright at present and easy to see however I’m really struggling to see anything more than a bright ball when viewing and when photographing it’s just a blurry ball. I have a canon 700d DSLR with t ring and adaptors can folk suggest what combination of Barlow / eyepiece would be required to view Mars in all its glory and possibly lens and iso/exposure settings to get some nice shots too please. I’m aware I may need to stack and am tech savvy so this bit should be ok. I just can’t seem to get anything at present to process. help!!
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