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  1. Try sending it to “home” position - both axis at 0. To do that create a terrestrial object under user objects on SynScan app. see if stills does the “round”
  2. I went to the Putthenham Common car park yesterday afternoon and I could see it's got unblocked view - pretty much 360o. - it must be very dark as well since there are no villages close by. The car park is open 24x7. Now need to have a go in the evening. North side Have you heard about Caesar's Camp in Aldershot? It might be a good spot as well..
  3. @SAW did you go check Puttenham? Any good?
  4. Thanks @bish I’ve found one on Facebook marketplace yesterday. Good luck selling yours.
  5. I missed one with AZ-GOTO at Facebook Marketplace for £200 past week .
  6. Hi @MichaelMan - thanks for the heads up - yeah, I spoke to her few days ago but she is only doing "pick up only" - Preston is a bit far from me. I might drive up there for a cracking price so lets see how the auction will turn out. Thanks!
  7. I’m looking for a skywatcher Skymax 127 + az gti mount. It can be a bundle or separated. Hampshire/Surrey area or willing to post. thank you!
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