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  1. Hello, finally this morning the clouds moved away and I took my chance to image the sun. Daystar Solar Scout SS60ds Basler aca2040-35gm (full disk image) Basler aca1300-30gm (detail view) Genika + Autostakkert + Registax 6 As you can see, I am still struggling with Newton rings. Higher resolution images in my Flickr repository Clear skies Fabio
  2. Finally the clouds moved away and Mars came out! Here is my contribution to Mars opposition gallery. Fingers crossed for the coming weeks. Data: Meade LX200 10" Classic Basler acA1920-155um Baader Hyperion Zoom 2.25x Barlow lens Baader IR-Pass Filter 1¼" (685 nm) Basler Pylon5 64-bit for capture AutoStakkert! + RegiStax for processing It is my first time dealing with high resolution imaging (returned to hobby astronomy after a 14 years hiatus...), so comments and suggestions are extremely welcome! Clear Skies Fabio
  3. Thank you all for the hearty welcome. Fabio
  4. After 14 years of pause I finally dug out my LX200 classic and started using it again! The suggestions in the Stargazers forums were extremely valuable for bringing it back to life: especially the AutoFiLX200 + SkySafari combo proved to be very satisfying. I am a bad visual observer, on top of that the light pollution in my area doesn't help. I am mainly interested in high-res imaging of planets and the sun: again, thanks to the info found here I was able to move the first steps in the field of lucky imaging, just in time for Mars opposition. I am a tinkerer by nature and already star
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