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  1. I hope this is the right place to ask this..but can anyone tell me what SD card is compatable with this camera please? Really trying to get it going and ready for 12/21.20, and have never used a DSLR.
  2. Is the Baader microclick camera adapter the best adapter on the market? Iv seen the Celestron brand as well as the one by Astro Engineering..ph040 i think it was.. Just looking to use a snap and go camera without hassles trying to line it up etc..
  3. Just ordered a Celestron Power Seeker 80mm...im not ready for all that collimation stuff lol
  4. Can anyone tell me how a Celestron Atromaster 70mm would compare agaisnt a Nat Geo neutronian 114/500?
  5. You are a Gentleman and a Scholar Alan64. My next will be one like yours for sure..this one just fell in my lap and an upgrade so I'm running with it lol
  6. What would you guess is the most powerful magnification this beast will handle Alan64?
  7. Currently upgrading components for that very reason .. My woman saw it on sale but im happy to have it for sure. Thank you Astrid
  8. Im super happy that it was as simple as it was..thank you..fine tuning the red dot as close to perfect as i can get it so i dont have to move the telescope much once im on target ...luckily i can see a telephone pole half a mile away and if i can find something farther I will finish tuning it to that... If y'all are still reading ..will a 114 mm Newtonian give noticeably better views of planets than my Gskyler 70/400? The Newtonian is a national geographic 114...model NT114PM..
  9. Removed the diaganol...that was it...thank y'all so much
  10. No extension tube...and tried both the 90 degree and 45 degree ...
  11. Just got a new Newtonian thst will not focus even in daylight...dust cap is off and im usng a 25 mm lense... Do you think the mirror just needs collimated?
  12. Is it possible to turn an automotive back up camera into a telescope camera ? I ask because im researching CCD cameras and they are cheap and readily accessible under the automotive line..
  13. Is there a free stacking software ? Maybe its called bracketing ..for pics?
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