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  1. The darker sites will improve viewing no end but being exposed make sure you wrap up well +1 for the turn left at orion book- also get hold of a star chart , I use Deep Sky Hunter Atlas by Michael Vlasov- Ive copied each page and laminated it. I am (slowly )going around the sky -I choose a laminate and learn how to find my way around. I use an ironing chair, its magic- ultra variable height and easy to move about and comfy. as a general guide to using your eyepieces- the 25mm for searching and finding your target- then depending on seeing conditions you can try to increase magni
  2. i seem to remember reading the first lock is for using binoviewers J
  3. I was born in Hull but live in Carlisle....sorry Kev 0 for 2 then J
  4. Don't think any of us tire looking at the moon- the quality of the view will be tempered by your seeing conditions depending on your light pollution and the atmospheric conditions- Just keep at it- Do you view from a garden or open space and is it in a city? Im sure you have read on here about Light pollution and dark sky sites for better views- Depending on where you are in the East Riding you may well be within striking distance of somewhere not too bad- (Im from Hull originally but now up here in Cumbria we have some really nice dark sites within 20 mins drive) Great you are still enth
  5. yes all good comments- dont go hell for leather buying stuff you think you may need- you need to temper expectations , what you will see will not be something from the Hubble or the expected James Webb telescope nor will to be what you see in the glossies- yes get binos, even a reletively inexpensive pair will stand you in good stead- Turn Left at Orion is a great starter- the stargazers atlas your getting will also be a good start, learn the night sky-not having computer scope guidance ,you need a little knowledge of what's where in the sky. The only thing just now is a collimator, I use a ch
  6. Hey James I recantly purchased the 300 flextube- I have transported it in then car a few times- Im mid 50's generally good health but just a stubby 5'7 and not muscly either but managed it ok- little bulky but manageable in shortish carrying sessions- I managed to put the base in the boot of my seat leon saloon with no real issues- Its the Tube thats a heavy bleeder- but just be sure footed and take your time- tube and base are manageable if you take it easy I fashioned a DIY trolly to sit the base feet in- 4 lockable wheels did the job-really handy when moving it about gener
  7. this is what it should look something like this https://www.meade.com/telescopes/refractor/lx70-r5-5-ota.html the piece at the end you require is a 2 inch star diagonal and an eyepiece- and you would normally slot in a 2 inch eyepiece but these diagonals usually have a 2 inch to 1.5 inch reducer to accept a 1.5 inch eyepiece - these can be obtained from an astro retailer - depends where you are US? you can search online for retailers in your country or there may be some second hand available again depends where you live as to what site to visit- if you let us know we can suggest so
  8. surely there is someone on the forum that has some sort of background in creating flowcharts? by its very nature astronomy would attract those with that sort of mindset? J
  9. I guess the start would be 1. "Who is the scope for" that has to be the main driver -then are there any age, health, height, space, mobility issues so then we need to know where they want to start, -2. Visual and Imaging or do we add EEVA for a third? The next decisions are , as TC said ,in price ranges ... 3-we detail in each price range the scopes or Bino's suggested with pros and cons based on who the scope is for in light of answers in no 1 and how they will help them achieve their answers to no 2. Once we have covered the scopes we can create sub trees for Essential
  10. I have a feeling this could end up being an unmanageable humungous beast but that said in its basic form it would be an excellent candidate for a sticky as this topic seems to be a stock question from the budding astro newbie the basics as already suggested - who's it for- astro P or DSO- and I would split the amount to spend into bands under 100, 100-250 etc etc even with those few bits the decision tree will be the size of epping forrest. a very good thread and worthy of some serious thought J
  11. FLO's blurb on this scope suggests its primary is non collimatable and the second shouldn't require collimation as it hold it so well!!- it may be that they did not intend you to mess with the collimation of the secondary-it looks like you will need three screws to collimate the secondary- I replaced mine with M4 6-30mm screws from eBay they work a treat - would suggest you star test the scope to see if it needs any collimation first https://garyseronik.com/no-tools-telescope-collimation/ J
  12. Are you using the scope and the bins on the same target at the same time? The EP's may be the issue as the stock EP's that come with the majority of scopes can leave a lot to be desired- The fuzziness you describe would normally suggest seeing or collimation issues but if you used then scope then the bins at the same time ,it would rule out the seeing. Can you tell us which 100mm Skywatcher you have as there are different types- if not sure can you provide a picture- assuming you looked at the objects with both scope and bins at the same time ruling out poor seeing it would seem to sug
  13. Indeed Moonshed- Its only common courtesy . We are very much helpful on here and to be fair the vast majority of initiates are respectful and well mannered J
  14. Thank you Matt Thats great to hear! Like most things sometimes trial and error are all thats needed- Its nice hearing when something as arcane as collimating turns out a success and not so much arcane after all Well Done!! J
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