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  1. Can't help with the explanation but I did have a spare s I wasn't using. Mike
  2. Just to keep you on your toes Lulu. Mike PS I'm in Sedgley for a couple of days in a couple of weeks time if you fancy a drink.
  3. Why not look round for local astro societies and see which have viewing evenings. I'm not a member but I'm pretty sure the Edenbridge & District society have them. Mike
  4. You could try here .... bigcountryastronomy : Big Country Astronomy Mike
  5. Just had an email from Andy to that effect, closely followed by a PayPal refund. I feel very sorry for the organisers, I know from experience how much work goes into organising a star party. Mike
  6. Clouds, clouds and even more clouds in Sussex. Mike
  7. Is there a dew shield with mirror available Steve? If so I'll order, if not, I'll order later. Mike
  8. This may be the obsy that has been referred to ..... http://www.harrysastroshed.com/shed.html Mike
  9. Good question Cubemaster .... but if I was to tell you .... Mike
  10. Since I'm often up in the night for a leak, can I be considered an honorary Welshman? Mike
  11. Hi RP, welcome to the forum. I lived in IA for a year - nice part of the world and plenty of dark skies. Mike
  12. PM sent Daz - forgot to mention in the PM that you missed me from the hog roast list and I have a tent rather than a caravan (paid late and had to choose hard-standing option). Mike
  13. Good luck with the move boys and girls. Mike
  14. Hi there, I just posted this link in another thread where the OP was also struggling to find Andromeda ... Starhopping 101: Find the Andromeda Galaxy | Space.com Mike
  15. Try this .... Starhopping 101: Find the Andromeda Galaxy | Space.com Once you find it, you'll wonder how you ever managed not to. :) Don't expect to see anything like the images though. Mike
  16. Hi Paul, welcome. Its not sunny here in RH19. Mike
  17. I can't believe how stupid I was but .... When I first got a driven equatorial mount (EQ6), I didn't know whether the clutches should be tight or loose. It seemed that they would have to be loose, otherwise how could the motors turn the mount. Mike
  18. If none of the previous suggestions solves your problem, I always offer this advice when this problem comes up with EQMOD .... Power up, connect to your planetarium program, slew to any of the listed stars. Don't bother centring it or even looking to see if it is in the FOV. Park. Wait for the mount to park itself, disconnect and power off the mount. Loosen the clutches and move the mount to the home position (I'm guessing it won't have parked itself there). Re-tighten the clutches. Now power up and proceed as normal with the alignment procedure. If you are using EQMOD by connecting your computer via the handset, once you have connected, do not use the handset for anything i.e. keep your fingers off its buttons. Do all slews, adjustments and synchronises using the EQMOD interface / planetarium. Mike
  19. So squagnut, this weather is your fault is it. Mike
  20. Not for long Look forward to seeing you there - you'll have a great time. Mike
  21. Sorry Andrew, it wasn't a criticism - I looked on the map before I went and it only looked to be an inch or so I'm glad I tried going that way, it may be useful in future. Mike
  22. I went via Kensington Olympia today and I have to say it is a much longer walk from there to Astrofest than I would have expected, so unless I know the tube has problems, I won't try that route again. To add insult to injury, I tried to go back home from Victoria but they refused to accept my ticket and said I had to return via Clapham Junction - I pointed out that the route home from Victoria went via Clapham Junction but apparently that was no good. Not quite sure I understand why there was a problem but I was too tired to argue further. As I said above, I won't go via overground again. Mike
  23. Perhaps that's why it is for chest size 46" Mike
  24. Well deserved - very ingenious idea. I did two of mine last year - I allow about three months to get my breath and my strength back, so should get the other two done by summer. Mike
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