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  1. Just had the link emailed to me - you beat me to it James. I found it inspiring to see what humans can accomplish. I also respect anyone with the guts to travel in space. Mike
  2. MikeP

    SGL8 Dates are now set.

    Hello Pig, The waiting list is for people who want to book a pitch. I'm afraid you will not be able to use the site without a pitch whether you sleep in your car or not. Sorry Mike
  3. I saw from my phone that I'd had a number of PMs but having just logged on I'm amazed to find that I have 8 offers of help. I've been a member and a mod for a good number of years now and I never cease to be amazed at how friendly and kind you all are - thank you very much. It will take me a little while to reply to all the PM's so apologies if it looks like I am ignoring you - I will be in touch. Thank you again. Mike
  4. Have a look at this post It may not be applicable to a CGEM but it is worth a try. Mike
  5. Bad idea Matt - that will give them chance to escape. Mike
  6. Hello David, I've been away for a few days and your package was sitting on the mat waiting when I got back. It certainly works very well - I left the padded envelope in the lounge last night with the metal strip in it and when I went in in the dark, the whole envelope was glowing!!! There is way more than enough for me to attach to my tripod legs, so I'll be thinking of ways to use the remainder - one use will be to attach some pieces to the single USB cable that runs from the mount / cameras etc. to my laptop, I've always been concerned that visitors at star parties will trip over it. It was a very generous offer and the strip really works well. I'm astonished you don't seem to have more people wanting to take you up on your offer. If you wish, I can move the thread to a different board. Thank you once again. Mike
  7. Very generous of you. You have a PM. Mike
  8. Very neat and professional. I hope you get years of pleasure from it. Mike
  9. MikeP

    I'm in :)

    So Kev, that will be 28 sausages, 28 rashers of bacon and 21 eggs plus a small mountain of beans, mushrooms, toast and hash browns. Some people could eat that in one sitting. Mike
  10. That looks wonderful John, well done. Is there a Mrs B that requested it blend into the garden? It certainly does that too. Mike
  11. Yay from me Daz, I've been singing its praises for a couple of years. Very quick, very simple. Mike
  12. MikeP


    Is that the Lagoon nebula? Mike
  13. Brilliant Andy. If Heineken did observatories they would be just like that. Mike
  14. Hope you aren't missing a spirit level and a drill after completing the lining. Looks really good. Mike
  15. Welcome from another West Sussex member. Mike
  16. Not again? Is your metal shed / obsy going with you? Mike
  17. I assume you mean the one in the first post of the thread - I can't see it either. You could PM Veracocha and ask him to fix it or repost since I suspect he's moved the image from where he originally put it. Sorry, not sure what else to suggest. Mike
  18. MikeP

    SGL8 Dates are now set.

    Hi Dave, Welcome to the forum. I stayed one night here http://www.sinkgreenfarm.co.uk/ during SGL7. It is a farmhouse, so accommodation is basic but it is clean and perfectly acceptable. The breakfast will see you through the day. It is less than 5 minutes drive from the camp site and it is very easy for you to come and go whatever the hour. I paid £35 for one night's B&B. Mike PS Nice friendly people too.
  19. MikeP

    SGL8 Dates are now set.

    I didn't realise you had been elected to the organising committee Gareth. Mike
  20. That is an extremely impressive build, I take my hat off to you. Do you build things for a living or is this just a do-it-yourself project? Good to see you posting, look forward to seeing more. Mike
  21. You can buy one ready made eg http://www.equatorial-platforms-uk.co.uk/ or you can make one - have a look through the DIY section, several of our members have made them and documented the design and build. Mike
  22. http://www.astrosurf.com/avl/V35/UK_index.html Not a paper based atlas but a great resource. Mike
  23. There are but they are not perfect. It has been edited. Mike
  24. Another with gremlins last night. I bought a Lakeside focuser before the monsoon began, so that was the only change to the configuration ie one more port used on my USB hub. For some reason the other ports all swapped themselves around, so I wasted a lot of time digging out and reinstalling drivers. For the record, the Lakeside focuser worked a treat with FocusMax and Maxim although all I managed to complete was calibration and a quick test. Mike
  25. Perhaps some of you who posted here are unaware of this thread - http://stargazerslounge.com/sgl-announcements-events/185881-memory-kev.html You can make a contribution to his family's chosen charity - Cancer Research. Mike
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