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  1. I'm impressed Alex - well done. Mike
  2. Oops - thanks Jack. I must have paid for both copies - honest. Seriously, I bought some spectroscopy books and a Star Analyser a couple of years ago and never got going. My interest has been piqued again recently, which is when I discovered I had two copies of your (very useful) book. It never occurred to me you were a member on here. Hope you aren't offended. Mike
  3. Hello and welcome from another West Sussex member (between East Grinstead and Lingfield). Mike
  4. I have a PM so the book will be winging its way to him shortly. Thanks Steve - better to give than to receive. Also I just want it to go to a good home rather than sitting doing nothing on my bookshelf. Mike
  5. I seem to have ended up with two copies of this book, so I am offering one free of charge to the first person who PMs me. Mike
  6. I really hope this has a happy outcome, I've watched your build for weeks now and admired what you have done. There are some very spiteful people about. Good luck.. Mike Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  7. There are loads of sources for programming on the Internet - just Google and you'll probably find what you need. For example, I just typed in "c parse buffer" and first up was http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14398774/code-for-parsing-a-character-buffer Mike
  8. BRILLIANT - both the video and the obsy. Mike
  9. How have you connected the mount to the laptop? Did you use one of these ..... http://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-cables-leads-accessories/hitecastro-eqdir-adapter.html ? I have an EQ6 rather than an az-eq6 and I don't use Stellarium but other things that may be problems are: You need Stellarium Scope installed to control a mount You need to be sure eqmod / eqascom is configured to use the correct port. Mike
  10. I really like that image Ian - thanks for sharing it with us. Mike
  11. What would charge per month for me to live in there? It looks absolutely superb. Mike
  12. If you want to buy something to see if astronomy is the hobby for you, this one doesn't cost much more and is much more suitable - http://www.firstligh...ercury-705.html . As you'll see, for the same aperture it suggests 140x as a maximum practical magnification. There are plenty of alternatives around and you'll be better served if you look at astronomy retailers rather than camera shops who are just looking to sell the odd cheap telescope on the side.However, I suggest you do a bit more research and ask questions on this forum to avoid disappointment. James' points in the preceding post are spot on.Mike
  13. Very nice Roger. That should keep all but the very worst weather away from the door. It has been a great thread to follow. Mike
  14. and what a nice report. Mike
  15. I've been following this thread for a while and I'm very impressed with the work that you have done. In some ways it will be a shame when you finish. Mike
  16. Hi Cloudwing, I'm sure you'll get loads of advice but as a starter, could you indicate what sort of budget you'd have? Mike
  17. I think you need to do an awful lot of research yourself and then ask more focussed questions. It may well be a thousand mile journey but don't expect to be carried. Mike
  18. MikeP

    Friday's Buffet

    Yum, yum, yum
  19. MikeP

    Friday night BBQ Buffet

    Have the good people of Herefordshire been warned to stock up on food before stargazerslocusts.com descend upon them? Mike
  20. MikeP

    Friday night BBQ Buffet

    Bloomin 'eck - did you vote for 7 Matthew? Mike
  21. Plenty of societies in Essex Loren, have a look here ..... http://fedastro.org.uk/fas/members/ Mike
  22. MikeP

    SGL8 Challenges

    I can help ..... with the hog roast. There will be loads of people ready to help, the tent will be up in a jiffy. Mike
  23. MikeP

    SGL8 Challenges

    I might try the Leo Doublet again or perhaps with a slightly better aim .... the Leo Triplet. Mike
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