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  1. Hi Kev, I live very near TH. Let me know when you plan to visit and I'll buy you a pint or two. (I'm away quite a bit until the end of September but free after that). Mike
  2. I'm on blue 277 and there are a lot more mods and admin just down from me plus OUR TEA TENT! Why not bring a cup and drop in to say hello. Mike
  3. I've never compared XWs and TVs - I was loaned a 5mm and a 10mm XW - they were so much better and so much more comfortable to use than what I had at the time, I went down the XW route. I now have five of them and use them all. Mike
  4. I'll be looking at that too - back more than knees for me though. Mike
  5. You could try one of these ..... First Light Optics - Rigel QuikFinder Compact Reflex Sight.... bit smaller and cheaper than a Telrad. Use it to get the scope pointed at a particular star then use your finder to star hop / search from there. The erecting prism will help to make movement of the scope more intuitive but if cash is an issue at present, I'd just go for the red dot finder. Mike
  6. I bought a similar C11 / CG5 combination back in 2007 - it too was cheaper than buying the C11 alone. The CG5 was sold on without ever coming out of the box and the C11 was (is) mounted on my EQ6. Mike
  7. I think Matt Beavers is SlipperySquid. His was Picture of the Month IIRC. Mike
  8. Καλωσορίστε στο σαλόνι Gazers αστεριών Your English is much better than my Greek. Welcome Theodore. Mike
  9. I could throw an XW or two into the ring. Mike
  10. Cheers Mike ... much better. Nice name too. Mike
  11. Thanks Adam - I'm sure SteveL will do his Kelling mug shot guide, so if you subscribe I'll be able tyo wander round saying "have you seen this man". Mike
  12. Welcome to the forum. As I'm sure you have noticed we are very friendly and very good at answering questions, so ask away. Mike PS What does the M stand for?
  13. That's very kind solarboy - I'll certainly stop by. I'll be on pitch T277 on the blue field if you want a cuppa and a biscuit (I'm just up from the SGL Tea Tent). It is those two specific eyepieces that I'm interested in for a fast Newtonian but it is always fun to try different eyepieces. See you there. Mike PS I see you are from the Midlands - I'm a Wolves fan, does that invalidate your offer?
  14. I'd like to try a 24mm Panoptic and a 21mm Ethos in my scope if anyone has one or other and is prepared to let me have a look. I'll be at Kelling from Thursday till Sunday. Anyone feeling generous? Mike
  15. I'd be interested in Chris Shillito's view if he sees this thread. Will it cause problems with EQASCOM? Mike
  16. These types of users are banned as soon as they register or start to register. We are very vigilant. Mike
  17. Grant has already checked and can detect no signs of any intrusion. We are continuing to investigate. Mike
  18. I've just called Stephen Folkes and he claims that he's done nothing with that domain for 8+ years and can only surmise the emails have been sent by someone else. I may be gullible but he did sound sincere. Mike
  19. I've no idea where or how they got the email addresses but they were NOT released by this forum.Mike
  20. Please steer clear of politics or this thread will be closed. Mike
  21. Have you tried the Pixinsight forum? There are lots of helpful posts on there. PixInsight Forum - Index Mike
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