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  1. Going back to Alignmaster ..... I seem to recall chrisshillito (author of EQMOD) suggesting that whilst using Alignmaster, you turn off the "append on sync" option in EQMOD so that Alignmaster does not interfere with the storage of alignment points. It is possible I have mis-remembered, hopefully Chris will spot this thread and clarify. Mike
  2. Before anyone is tempted to post and get a warning, I'll send a PM Mike
  3. I've been using it since 2009 and recommend it at every opportunity. My garden is surrounded by trees which sometimes makes finding a pair of stars quite challenging but the software display does make it easy to see roughly where the suggested pairs are. This feature is helpful for numpties like me who can't remember my own name let alone the names of stars. Mike
  4. Thanks John, timely advice. I've decided it is time I educated myself a little bit on electronics so I intend to buy a few bits and pieces or a kit and start experimenting. Mike
  5. That's a cunning idea. I've got an illuminated reticle where the illuminator part screws in. I'll have a look at that tomorrow. Thanks Mike
  6. Thanks anyway Michael, I appreciate you taking the trouble to help. Mike
  7. Yes, you did Michael but I posted in that thread that I already have one and I have found it less than satisfactory, otherwise I'd have one on order - anything for an easy life. You are quite right Steve - I Googled some red LEDs and it seemed that 2V is required for (presumably) maximum brightness. I connected a 1.5V battery to the one in the mount and found that the LED definitely glowed. With the mount reassembled and in a dark shed with my eyes dark adapted, the 1V barely illuminates the LED. Certainly nowhere near enough to illuminate the diagram.Mike
  8. I asked a question on this subject in Veracocha's "NEQ6 Power Mod" thread but since I have more questions, I've started this thread. To recap, my EQ6 Pro polarscope illimination has never worked. It has a LED poking into the polarscope but no means of brightness adjustment - no external rotary control and since it has the older motherboard, no adjustment via the SynScan handset. Since it doesn't seem to glow at all, adjustment is probably a moot point and I need to fix it before attempting the "EQ6 Polarscope Dimmer Mod" that is detailed elsewhere on the forum. I've disassembled enough to put a multimeter on the two pins on the motherboard that supply the LED and it gives a reading of 1V. Now, I am to electronics what Wolverhampton Wanderers are to football - just a vague idea of what is going on, so I don't know if that is a good or bad voltage. Since there is a voltage across the two pins and I can't find any loose wires is it safe to assume there is something wrong with the LED? Before I do something non-reversible, does anyone have any suggestions? Mike
  9. This is the one I had in mind ..... http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/133851-cloudy-nights-make-diy-projects-eq6-polarscope-dimmer.html#post1733211 The AWR gadget looks identical to one I bought elsewhere. I may have got a duff one but I found the brightness adjustment to be pretty useless - unlike Goldilocks it was always too dim or too bright, never just right. Mike
  10. Thanks Michael, sounds like I have the older PCB. Something must be wrong with it anyway since I can see there is a LED there but it never lights up. There is a thread somewhere for a polarscope dimmer, I'll try and fix it and incorporate that. Mike
  11. I believe I bought my EQ6 Pro in 2007 and the polar scope illumination has never worked - I didn't even know it was supposed to have it till someone mentioned it on SGL. Having read the following, I wondered if mine was set at 0% .... Since I've not used my handset for some years (I'm an EQMOD user) the first thing I did was upgrade it to V3.27 which is the latest I could find. I've been through all the menus and can't find anything for "polar scope led". The handset setting menu contains LCD and LED backlight entries (none of which were set to zero) and an entry for the beep volume, but that is all. Can anyone help? Mike
  12. My EQ6 tripod is now adjusted so it has a north facing leg. Mike
  13. I have an EQ6 and from memory (I'll check later) the peg unscrews so it can be positioned over a leg or diametrically opposite, between two legs. Mine is currently between two legs but .... I never thought of that, I'll adjust mine - thanks Steve.Mike
  14. Thanks for the link Chris, I wasn't aware of the COM port mapper. That is a clever way to combine tools. Mike
  15. Are you sure Amanda intended it for the dob? Mike
  16. I'm afraid I've regarded the Moon as "the enemy" for too long so the VMA was good enough for me. However on the basis of "if you can't beat them ..... " I bought "Moonwalk with Your Eyes" by Tammy Plotner at the last Astrofest. Its unused at present but I like the look of it - it is set out with one chapter per lunar day. Mike
  17. Have you looked at Virtual Moon Atlas - it was a free download when I last looked. You can flip the view E-W and or N-S. Mike
  18. Hi weemax, You have been away for a while. One of our admin team should be able to help. Good to see you back. Mike
  19. If you are concerned about attaching it, I used rubber bands to hold my DIY flimsy red film version in place. I'll be ordering one soon. Mike
  20. Squirrels are a nuisance where I live. If you have them, would this product stand up to their claws over a number of years? Mike
  21. Keep trying, the sense of achievement will be greater when you start to find your way round. Perhaps going to a local society's viewing session will let you see it and then you'll know what you are looking for. For some reason that I've never understood, when I started it took me several sessions before I found M31, since then I can't "not find it" - scope, binos and naked eye (on a clear dark night). Here's a link to a star hopping web page that may help - http://earthsky.org/tonight/star-hop-from-great-square-of-pegasus-to-andromeda-galaxy It really is nothing more than a small smudge. Even with a 12" I've never seen more than that - the area outside the core is huge but I can't see it. Good luck. Mike
  22. Email arrived about 10 minutes ago. PayPal payment made. Mike
  23. I filled in the booking form over an hour ago and no email yet. Am I right in thinking the email will give me the details of how I pay (I have read the Terms & Conditions - I just expected that I'd book and pay in one step)? Mike
  24. If this doesn't clash with SGL7, I'll be there. Hop, skip and a jump from Sussex. Mike
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