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  1. Quarinteen


    Thank god it’s not just me lol. So weird I wonder if someone added that or it’s just one of those things. The words are clear as day though if you turn the volume up and listen for it.
  2. Quarinteen


    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I am not an Astronomy pro or even hobbies, I am just an extremely curious person with vast interests
  3. Quarinteen


    Hello all my name is Scott. I signed up beacause I was listening to this sounds of Titan from the voyager on YouTube and if you listen at the beginning it sounds like someone is saying “why don’t you pray with your eyes open”. In the back ground. Did someone do this or am I hearing things? I watched a couple of different videos and they both had the same thing hey might be been from the same original taping now sure. So I figured wha better place to ask
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