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  1. As does this! https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/662625-canon-fd-to-t-adapter/ A variety of options to play with there I think (and a few adapters on the way that are likely to get sent straight back )
  2. This looks promising... https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/733394-connect-camera-lens-to-astro-camera-name-of-adapter/
  3. For sale to a good home - a red 2018 William Optics Zenithstar 61, supplied with carry case, finder shoe and OVL field flattener. The 2018 model includes the built-in Bhatinov mask, dual-speed focuser (including thermometer) and retractable lens hood. All in great condition, has sadly seen less than ten nights' use; some light marks on the 1.25" adaptor from lens attachment, but all other surfaces clean and clear of marks. The optics are in fab condition, when not in use the 'scope has been kept in its' case. The case itself comes with foam inserts cut to snugly accomodate the z61 and the fiel
  4. While (mostly ) patiently waiting for my 183 to arrive, I've been exploring some lightweight, cheap and portable lenses to experiment with once it arrives. I've got a beautiful WO z61, but don't have access to a garden and have to do most of my astro out in public spaces - where I am, the most I've managed before something sketchy has spooked me into packing up and getting out of there was about 45 minutes, so am looking for something a bit more inconspicuous until my garden situation changes! To that end, after a little reading and some eBaying, I saw a Canon FD 300mm f/5.6 going for £3
  5. One Pegasus Pocket Power box received as a gift alongside an AsiAir Pro - buyer unaware that the PBB wasn't required if you were getting a Pro, so item is unused in the field! However it has been unboxed, booted up and assembled on the mount as part of the gift unveiling - so has been handled, cable bags opened etc., and the underside of the unit has a mark where it had been securely strapped to a guide scope! Includes all cables and accessories included in box, item condition as pictured. Will part with for £120, paypal payment preferred - happy to send via courier or tracked delivery, b
  6. As above for the clutch - on polar alignment, if you're only doing visual or planetary photography, that will be fine, but if you're doing deep-sky photography you will need to be much more precise. The AZ-Gti doesn't have any off the rack polar alignment options (it was intended for AZ after all) but you could use a guidescope/cam combo and do it via a laptop-based programme such as SharpCap, or mount a simple visual polar scope to your rig (this will take a bit of fiddling to get it lined up sufficiently accurately if you intend to go much over a 60 second exposure at a longer focal length t
  7. For what it's worth - my experience with this little beauty has been fantastic. It's given one of my housemates their first view of Saturn's rings with a 5mm Celestron Xcel and a x2 Barlow (Edit: the exit pupil is a bit of a bitch past a certain point but not impossible by any means). Took a little while to focus but got a satisfying image, after enough effort to make it feel earned but not onerous! I do read that the quality control on these is supposed to be appalling so your mileage may vary, but I think mine is awesome. Cheap enough as well that one day I might feel bold enough to follow o
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