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  1. Oh excellent! Thank you very much! Definitely looks like what I'll be needing for finish off my setup! :-)
  2. Hi guys & gals! Just a quicky, but recently acquired an the mentioned mount with motors and I want to power it as stated. Being a numpty, but what sort of connector will I need? Know I'll need a 12v to DC connector of the appropriate size, but the handset says it requires a 6v input? Do I need to do something to step the voltage down a little or something?! Thanks in advance, A numpt... I mean, Ben! ;-)
  3. The streets lights being turned off does help surprisingly. Well.. the few they turn off anyway. Only way I've been able to see the Milky Way from our garden. But I am able to get away to darker areas.. I took this on the first clear night I had since getting the new camera and it was really just a test of the camera and the len's I got for it. Just wish the weather would make its mind up! But I have been wanting to try DSS, just never got around to it. Now I have the camera however... :-)
  4. [removed word] it. Need to sell my old scope first! Best sort that out pronto!! :-)
  5. Must admit I was tempted by the 100mm. But the price is just too much for me which is a shame. :-( Going to have to trade in or sell my SW127 Mak for an APO hence why I've decided upon a smaller one. Thanks Andrew. I was looking at the Megrez 72 a while ago, but it appears to have been replaced by the ZS70. Although I may keep an eye out for one second hand. And I don't blame you for owning three. They're gorgeous looking scopes! :-) Must admit, their size and light-weight did interest me! :-)
  6. Just curious, I can see how the ED80 & Equinox pro have the same optics, i.e. 80mm, but what about the f numbers? The equinox is faster, at 6.25 compared to 7.25 (I think!), is the difference noticable at all? :-)
  7. Recently I acquired a new camera (Canon 60D) and finally managed to get new widefield len's for it. Specifically the Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 len's and Sunday morning (28th) I was actually treated to some very clear skies, which were helped by the streets lights in my area being turned off! (Although the main town's lights were still shining brightly!) Anyway, moving on I produced these images. A little rough, but my knowledge of photo editing is a little limited! :-) Also these were taken in the skies over Horsham, West Sussex, so not bad for a town's night skies! :-)
  8. As the title says, I'm interested to know what people think about a few APO scopes as I'm thinking of getting one as I'm a fan of refractors. The scopes I'm curious about are: William Optics Zenithstar ZS70 WO GT-81 (Maybe, pushing the budget a little here!) Skywatcher Equinox 66 & SW Equinox 80. (Another maybe for this one, but we'll see!) I must admit, I've never used an APO scope, but the allure of having greatly reduced or removed CA is tempting to say the least. Would also like to mention this is mostly for visual use. Although I will take the odd image it'll only be basic stuff, I'm not going down the long exposure route etc and at present I've only got the EQ3-2 mount as well. So needless to say, your views on these scopes or even recommendations of other small APO scopes will be greatly appreciated. :-) Ben
  9. The EQ5 would unfortunately be pushing my budget. Was thinking of getting the scope first, but have decided on getting the mount instead. But it sounds like an ideal mount for me, especially if it can handle the 200p! And thanks for the picture malc-c, can see why it can handle a 200p! Really puts it into perspective! See you've got the Goto on it, did you do that after? Or get it with the mount? I'll have to upgrade it after due to budget! But how does it perform? :-)
  10. Right-o, been looking at one of these mounts to replace me EQ3-2 mount as it's beginning to show it's limitations. Especially when I use my 127 Mak on it with DSLR! Also fancy getting a larger scope too, possibly a 150mm Reflector and I'm aware that it'll be pushing my little EQ3-2 to it's limit, hence why I'm looking at the larger EQ5. So what do you guys know about the EQ5? Is it a suitable upgrade mount that'll happily accomodate a larger scope like a 150mm reflector etc? Ben
  11. Single shot of the moon from last night. Took ages to get the focus right on the Mak because of the darn cold! haha But lovely clear skies though. :-) Skywatcher 127mm Maksutov, Canon 1100D, ISO 100, 1/40 sec shutter speed and then touched it up in photoshop afterwards. :-)
  12. Ah right! Read a few things about it being buggy, thought it was mostly just me being new to it! But you're right R5 was eaier to navigate and understand!
  13. Thanks! Was so pleased to finally get registax to work for me! God knows why I couldn't get on with the latest version! :-S
  14. Finally managed to create my first ever stacked image! Mostly because I kept having trouble with Registax 6 and downgraded to 5.1 and everything went smoothly! :-) Images taken with Canon 1100D through SW 127 Mak with 1/30 sec shutter, ISO 1600. Stacked and tweaked with photoshop after. :-)
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