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  1. I don't know about that vertical line I was seeing, probably optics. I did see one video on YouTube where a guy in India was getting similar . If I come across it again I'll post the link.........but yeah I need a better scope.........
  2. Ok, I'm back.........Looked at Mars last night. What's that black vertical line on it? I haven't seen it mentioned in searches, but I haven't searched it for that long either. Yeah I could make out some craters with my $80 scope. Also could make out a ring around Saturn but it was like looking at a pinhead (my eyes hurt today).
  3. Yeah, I'm kind of finding that out. But hey, I did see the moons of Jupiter for the first time, and the roundness of Mars...........I eventually will need a better scope And some Good binoculars ........
  4. Gosh, watching YouTube videos on Telescopes while waiting for my little scope to arrive to checkout aerial Homeland Security devices has made me want something a lot Bigger. I now have an itch to see Saturn's rings! Since the Shut Down I've gotten to know Jupiter, Saturn and Mars movement fairly well with my unaided eye. Venus too if I'm up that early. All this started with me wanting to see what exactly the surveillance equipment is. Vehicles intrigue me.
  5. Ok, I talked to Rich at Orion he said to try the Orion GoScope III 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope. It shows objects Right Side up. I realize this scope is more for looking at earthly stuff but I gotta start somewhere. Thanks Everybody! I do have this site bookmarked! ETA for my scope is the 29th...
  6. Is there an adapter for this unit so images Won't be upside down? Or is there a telescope in the $100 range that will give me a rightside up image? Thanks!
  7. Ok I'm back! Life is getting in the way so I had to do something cautious and got this on order: Orion SpaceProbe II 76mm Altazimuth Reflector Telescope. I had to do something or I might not have done anything at all! My neighbors are going to think I'm nuts standing out in the middle of the street at 2am in my worn out pajamas looking at the sky. There is a lot of surveillance equipment up in the sky around me. I hope Homeland Security doesn't sent a ground unit to check me out. I know the helicopter guys have seen me looking at them with my Kmart binoculars. Now where's my aluminum foil beanie........
  8. Well, I'd like to get away with spending $200.00 but I would still feel comfortable spending $400. I know, that's not going to get much if any quality because I have priced some thru Google, but it's all French to me. Since the lock down I've been looking up a lot At Night. I live 10 miles from the US/Mex Border and there is A lot of activity in the night sky. A lot of helicopters for sure but also some stationary lights maybe at 5000 ft. But I also like looking at comets, I have seen 3 in my life. I have looked at wildfires on a mountain before thru a neighbor's telescope years ago. Also I don't want to get something that's going to take hours and hours of assembly and learning how to program something before I can use it. Thanks For All Your Guys Help!
  9. Hello! I am looking to purchase an inexpensive telescope. I would like something that can be operated without having to have to go thru a smartphone All the time. I would like something that can pick up drones off in the distance to being able to looking at planets. I do know and watch with the naked eye Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus also saw the last comet at dusk from my spot in Texas. What are you guys and gal recommendations? Thanks!
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