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Status Updates posted by Stu

  1. It appears I can resist everything but temptation! My minimalist approach continues to be challenged! ??

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    2. jetstream


      How many more sleeps !!:icon_bounce::grin:

    3. Stu


      Tee hee! Just two Gerry ??

    4. YKSE


      A pair of LOA? unsual but not unique?

  2. A mystery new member has joined my team. He has a well rounded character and is a smooth operator..... ;). He shall be joining me at SGL11 -  Hurrah!

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    2. Stu


      Absolutely Derek, you know me well ?

    3. osbourne one-nil

      osbourne one-nil

      So the rule that telescopes are just like their last but one owner is true then?

    4. Stu


      Now you are giving away secrets Piers ??

  3. Despite my sig, I still have the Vixen...... having sold my AZEQ6, I'm hatching a crazy plan to build a mount for it before SGL11! Watch this space, it could be amusing ;)

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    2. Stu


      Certainly is Gerry. Crazy that I'm sitting here thinking all my big scopes have gone when I have this to use! Just need a mount that I can afford, which is where my plan comes in ;) 

    3. cotterless45


      I always fancied a Dexion style,fork Dobsonian mount , tall enough to take a frac.

    4. Stu


      I'm thinking something along these lines.....


      I still have the Meade Giant tripod and 16" pillar, so no issues with height. I've got a few ideas on bearings which I'll share if they look like working!

  4. Down to the TAL and the Tak, biggest problem though is no clear skies!

    1. jetstream


      The sky will clear Stu! actually I'm waiting mine to do the same thing... 2 more weeks to go lol! maybe......

  5. At least I don't need to change my sig. The Tal just joins the gaggle

  6. Pretty much sorted now kit wise, looking forward to a great Autumn's observing. Fingers crossed!!

    1. nightfisher


      Likewise, i guess i will be adding one scope at some stage and not sure which one, lets hope we have some really good clear skies mainly at weekends when work does not get in the way

    2. Piero


      I hope to spot m4 and m80 before the end of August. Let's cross our fingers for a great Autumn! :)

  7. Uh oh, AYODigi had a problem and is going back :-(. AZEQ6 now in hand from Helen - Thankyou!

  8. The AYODigi has arrived! Looking clear tomorrow night so am hopeful of giving it a go with the Vixen

    1. alan potts

      alan potts

      It looked clear for me 40 mins ago but more cloud has leaked out of the scope boxes!

    2. Pig


      Fingers crossed Stu :-)

  9. After getting 'Sumo' under a dark sky, averted imagination is a thing of the past!!

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    2. mapstar
    3. Daniel-K


      Now we need to get you to the llynn peninsula!

    4. faulksy


      as dan says, somewere with black skys

  10. Just a little bit excited about my 16" Sumerian!

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    2. Robbie688
    3. Luke


      Super cool! When is the big day? (just so I know when the cloud is coming!!)

    4. swamp thing

      swamp thing

      Pics. where's the pics???

  11. Quark first light achieved - Wow :-)

  12. I have just picked up a lesser spotted Quark from the post office!!

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    2. cotterless45


      Hoping for clear skies !

    3. Stu


      Thanks all, might be a few days before I use it, or it might even make its first light at PSP :-)

    4. Luke
  13. I have just picked up a lesser spotted Quark from the post office!!

  14. Waiting for Quark.....

    1. Pig


      Retail therapy fever strikes again :-)

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