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  1. I am the proud owner of a azgti mount. It works fine , but i was wondering:. Could i use both a v4 synscan handset and skysafari via wifi at the same time?.
  2. This is my setup paired with a azgti sw mount. Spot on gotos
  3. I owm a baader zoom mark iv. So far i have been using it with the standard 1,25" barrel. It also comes with an addional 2" barrel(photo). My sw startravel 120 can do 2" . Would it perform well in my scope, would i notice the diference? Thanks
  4. I own an azgti. With the right firmware you can do some imaging. The thing is i am considering buying a ccd camera. You do need a laptop to operate it , my guess???. I own a pc and a ipad pro, no laptop. What could i do? Thanks
  5. I own a sw startravel 120 achromat. CA is painful in Bright objects. But nice on DSOs. Its paired with a sw AZ5. Good, stable if you change the stock tripod
  6. If it wasnt for the fuc... moon (forgive me ohh you slaves of the goddess), weather now is even better. But the glare is too much. Next week rain all days. Damm
  7. Imaging?. Thats not my turf indeed. Seems to me an utterly difficult hobby and too expensive. I am only for visual. This is challengin enough for me
  8. The double cluster in perseus, thats really amazing. But not for a mak 127 (narrow fov). I prefer the startravel 120. Those are my two telescopes. Though the open clusters in cassiopea are my favourites. Little jewel boxes. The owl cluster,man, thats nice
  9. I fully intend to brace myself and go out in the cold. See ya fellas
  10. Here in spain. What we call cold. 13 degrees now.You are absolutely right.
  11. Seriously thanks a lot. I guess I wanted to justify myself . Its already cold outside
  12. And if we are thristy plenty of water, wisky would be better but
  13. Seriously, what kind of meanungfull observation can be done when the moon is nearly full?... Sorry if i sound like a nob nob
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