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  1. That's interesting about the reducer, thanks for that info as I was thinking about getting that in the future.
  2. I have asked them a while ago, they didn't seem to know, if I remember correctly they said it'll be fine with the noise piece but definitely getting some kind of tilt.
  3. Hello, i am just bumping this thread as i was wondering if anyone knows of an adapter to go between the extension tube on the explore scientific ed80 and the stella mira field flattener with the 2 inch nose piece removed (female m48 thread) . the extension tube thread which needs an adapter is a male thread with the diameter of 52mm (using a tape) . hoping someone has done this to their ed80 on here. thank you
  4. Try the monkey head nebula, I tried that as my first target with my modified dslr
  5. Hello, just wondering what the best reducer and flattener there is for this scope. Many thanks
  6. Yeh almost what I'm on about, as the current dovetail that comes with the es ed80 means when it's perfectly balanced, the focus can't be rotated. Might try some washers or something similar.
  7. hello again, just wondering who has used this scope before and what they done to be able to rotate the focus all the way as currently i cannot as the focus knobs hit the mount (heq5 pro). is it just a case of getting some tube rings and finding the best spot for them to hold the scope, or maybe making the scope sit higher? any help is always appreciated cheers
  8. hello guys , sorry for not replying in a while but ive started doing my flats using the AV flat mode on backyard eos and using an art light box instead of my laptop, seem to be getting better results doing this instead of using the histogram on the back of the dslr. thanks everyone though
  9. i checked out that ASTAP software, analysed some of my recent flats and the 'background' level is only around 2500, im assuming thats the ADU? is this really low or am i missing something here, can see all the dust spots really well though.
  10. Thanks for the replies,will look into that siril program as looks perfect. Apologies for the late reply. Cheers
  11. Thanks for the link, shame it mentions pixinsight as damn thing requires me not to use a Hotmail account haah gonna try use apt flat aids. New software but from the sounds of it, it's better than backyard eos.
  12. hello there I've been searching the interweb with no success, i need to find a program that will measure the adu of my flats which isn't too confusing. i'm currently exposing to half way on the histogram on the lcd display of the dslr(canon 1300d) I've read that this doesn't work correctly and i should be basing how far to expose using ADU values, i have no idea how to find these. I use backyard eos for capturing lights and darks but use the dlsr functions for flats. any help will save me pulling my hair out, thanks haha
  13. So I want to calibrate on a star that is as low as possible and South? Thanks for the reply
  14. I calibrated on the end star in the big dipper and the only warning that popped up now and again was the max ra duration was too low but I bumped back that back to default. I calibrated on the end star of the big dipper and yeah using eqmod with the cable from first light optics. I did use the guiding assistant for about 5 minutes and used the suggestions. Thanks for all the messages, this has ruined two nights for me haha I have tidyed the wires up considerably as well and the only error I got was the max ra setting wasn't enough, which I restored to default. Thanks again
  15. hello just a little question, whenever i guide looking at something in the northish direction PHD2 guides really well but if i am looking in any other direction it is horrendous. the mount is a heq5 pro, polar aligned using sharpcap pro and the balance is as perfect as i can get it any ideas? thanks for reading guys
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