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  1. So I want to calibrate on a star that is as low as possible and South? Thanks for the reply
  2. I calibrated on the end star in the big dipper and the only warning that popped up now and again was the max ra duration was too low but I bumped back that back to default. I calibrated on the end star of the big dipper and yeah using eqmod with the cable from first light optics. I did use the guiding assistant for about 5 minutes and used the suggestions. Thanks for all the messages, this has ruined two nights for me haha I have tidyed the wires up considerably as well and the only error I got was the max ra setting wasn't enough, which I restored to default. Thanks again
  3. hello just a little question, whenever i guide looking at something in the northish direction PHD2 guides really well but if i am looking in any other direction it is horrendous. the mount is a heq5 pro, polar aligned using sharpcap pro and the balance is as perfect as i can get it any ideas? thanks for reading guys
  4. When I tried M45 it totally ruined the dust around the stars and wasn't salvageable. Just waiting on a clear night to look, been pretty bad weather recently.
  5. I'm bumping this thread, hope nobody minds, attached another picture. Apparently this is normal according to bresser uk. I have seen pictures taken with this scope without these reflector looking spikes. I'm hoping someone has experienced this before and has an answer for me. Thanks
  6. Going to try playing with these settings tonight, got a relatively good image last night so can relax and play tonight, thanks for these tips, just gotta figure this out haha
  7. Hello again, in this picture i have just uploaded there is a weird artifact around the stars, more evident on the brighter ones. i have read a lot online that it could be lens pinch or the cold causing it to pinch, i have been using the scope through the summer and it did not do it then. can someone confirm what this is for me please? the scope is an explore scientific ed 80 thanks for any help.
  8. I'm pretty sure I have done everything right doesn't seem to be any snags either, I've force calibrated a few times so far and ran the guide assistant and I use sharpcap for polar alignment, here's some pics and thanks for the reply.
  9. Seems to me that my guiding is worse now that I'm guiding through the mount, without the st4 cable. Any reason why it's worse? I figured removing a cable would make it better but it's never been this bad haha
  10. I shall try and get my head around this haha thanks
  11. hello again, what would high pressure be in millibars? as in what would be better for imaging planets as I hear higher pressure is better for a stable atmosphere. have read a little online but its definitely easier to come here. thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Thanks for that, this forum is great. Don't know why I didn't join earlier instead of searching for ages through the Internet haha
  13. That'd the only port I've got, I did think it was vga. Was just checking what other options it has. Okay cool will investigate, thank you
  14. Hello I've seen on first light optics which cable to get to connect my mount to the laptop but this is the only connection I have, is there a different way to do this? Or an adapter to change the gender of the plug. Not too sure here, any help is great thanks.
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