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  1. I have my first telescope and having never set one up before I could do with some assistance to ensure all is as it should be. I did not get any software with it and the Celestron website suggests that it would have originally come with "starry night" software. This seems to me to be a database of the sky and images etc., but is it essential to make the telescope function? I was able to download their CPWI software and this looks like I will be able to control the telescope from my laptop, am I correct with this assumption? I appears there are updates that can be made to the telescope's software/firmware could someone please point me to the correct cable required to connect my laptop to the scope or confirm the one in the link is the correct one? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-cables-leads-accessories/lynx-astro-ftdi-usb-to-serial-adapter-for-celestron-handsets-5m.html I am waiting for my power tank to arrive in a couple of days and then I will be hoping for a clear night to give it a test run (weather not looking favourable at the moment but fingers crossed) so I would appreciate and pointers/hints/advice on what to do/look for when I first fire up the scope.
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    Hello from another newbie
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    Hi from another newbie
  4. Thanks, I got a Sky Prodigy 130, not had the chance to use it yet and make sure all works as it should (not that I know what I'm doing with it so I wouldn't know if it was not completely up to scratch ) so hopefully a clear night soon
  5. Evening all, been interested in getting into astronomy for a while and have finally picked up a second hand scope to get started with. Looking forward to reading up on all the info on here and I’m sure I will have many questions to ask of you all.
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