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  1. thanks for the heads up! I’ll make sure to let the mirror/lenses dry by themselves from now on. Seeing as a lot of people recommended me to get a light shroud, I’ll look into it! Thanks!
  2. Yes! That has happend a couple of times. Usually I clean the lens with a glasses cloth and it helps. No I don’t use a light shroud, does it help with viewing?
  3. Yeah I can easily focus on stars with a different eyepiece, it was just be the atmosphere
  4. I would also like to add that I keep my telescope in my garage which could get a little cold during the night. does that have an effect on the image?
  5. I used my higher mm lens to focus on stars, but then when I switched to my smaller mm eyepiece, it’s just a white planet (Jupiter, Saturn). However, i tried looking at Mars and I was receiving red colour so my thoughts is that I’m just viewing a blurry image.
  6. Hey, I haven’t tried to look through the telescope during the day, and I don’t have a Barlow lens attached. I have a higher mm eyepiece which gives me a really sharp image when properly focused. However when I switched to my smaller mm lens (6mm, 8mm) planets seem to be white and blurry.
  7. Hey, newbie here. I want to thank anyone in advance for helping me. I recently bought an accessory kit for my 12” telescope, which came with 1.25” eyepieces and filters. However, when I went out to use them, the image I got was very blurry and white. Saturn didn’t show to have rings, and Jupiter was just big and white. My telescope has a focal length of 1500mm and I used the 6, 8, and 13 mm eyepiece, but got fairly the same view. I am old of age, so any one who can help will be appreciated, thanks.
  8. Thank you for all the kind people who’ve helped me understand abetter about eyepieces and the steps I need to take to improve my viewing quality! I greatly appreciate it.
  9. Yes that helps tremendously, thank you! Would you say a barlow lens is necessary? I’ve heard my pals say it’s great for magnification but I think 190x is more than enough.
  10. Thank you for replying, yes I have collimated my telescope. I have a feeling it’s due to my lens. It’s a 2” one
  11. Recently I’ve bought a Meade Lightbridge 12” plus truss tube. It came with a 2” lens and has a focal length of 300mm. However, when looking at Jupiter, I can’t see it as good as I should be. I see it as if I had a 4 or 6” telescope. I thought it was because of my lens and maybe I need a smaller mm one but am not sure. I am 62 years old and don’t understand as much as you experienced astronomers do, so any help will be appreciated!
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