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  1. Ok well that's that sorted thanks guys I have just looked at satern and jupiter I could see the rings and moons of jupiter. Pritty cool to see for the first time! I just need to try and focus them better. I did notice something whilst collimating . If I rotate the laser tool whilst it's in the focoser the red dot goes out of center on the main mirror is this normal? Is it normal to have to collimate ever time?
  2. Okay so I think your rite straight away! Here are the pictures you requested. Thanks Kyle
  3. Okay so I have purchased a new second hand scope after a bit of research. It is a orion xt10i. I tried to do my due dilegence before buying and hopfully its not a lemon! It was a good price with some nice extras. Anyway it came with clouds and I have only just got it out tonight. My 1st target was the moon and my god it was bright! So I played around with the 4 filters that I got with the scope and that helped but It was out of focus. Nothing I did made it better. I tried a 24mm and I also tried my 14mm and a 6mm. I could see Mars and I targeted that also. I tried all my eyepieces but it
  4. Hi soloula I have been thinking about your problem. Although it is a bad situation I think that you should not get downtrodden. like many have said you will still be able to view alot of things in your garden. You mentioned that you would be doing observing with your kids. One of my fondest memories I can rember with my farther is going out on an adventure and stargazing with him camping or a night out. Going out in the middle of nowhere with some supplies and being under the stars. I don't think a 6"would be to much trouble to take out on one of those special clear dark nights. It
  5. What a complete Bottom this neighbour is! I think I would struggle to be as nice as you. Have you considered asking him what he wants? It's a crap thing to have to do but maybe there is something he wants they say everyone has a price! Also what about this gezebo as an idea maybe you could make the roof to open up? I hope you get it sorted. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/4648059
  6. Just a quick update! I have just purchased myself a pair old 7x50 binoculars for around £15. I have just been out north of gothenberg sweeden in I reckon about a bortle 4 and I am blown away by how much I can see I just about made out the globular cluster in hurcules I can't wait to look through my telescope. I also looked at a group of stars I think is hyades. I have always seen them faint with the naked eye looking like a small blue ursa major but tonight it was amazing. Bright electric blue really spectacular and through a set of £15 second hand binos! I am really glad I joined
  7. It's all quite exciting this isn't it! I'm a bit country man and just love the outdoors! I know one thing the your advice in country parks is spot on! I'm hoping to sweet talk a farmer or two.
  8. I see I would never have thought of that it's completely in reverse. We are trying to see up and the satellite is looking down 2 completely different perspectives doh
  9. That sqm is cheep I'm getting one . okay so I read the price wrong ill have to wait for one!
  10. Hi waddensky that looks like a great site i also stumbled across this one just now. It looks quite detailed but I'm not sure how upto date it is.
  11. Hi uplooker No I have not joined any society I'm not sure I want to yet. Im trying to find somewhere that's my own little escape . Maybe in time I will want to
  12. Just a quick update! I tried some of the things suggested above but to no avail. So I gave up in the end. I shall just buy a new set when I am home.
  13. Hi this is my second post on SGL and I am new to astronomy. As my post suggests I am looking for a dark sky map/website ect. I have found some but I wondered if there is a really good one that has a lot of detail. I live in Hampshire and I'm trying to find the perfect spot to jump in the car to. I obviously have some places in mind but want to compare them. Actually just writing this has gave me an idea and another question! Maybe try some of my spots out with a light meter. Has anyone else done this? Is it worth it? Okay 2 new questions! I look forward to hearing from you.
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