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  1. I ordered this a corrector a while ago. Im just stressing out do I have enough inward focus. I have sw200p with stock focuser. Whitout corrector there is something like 10mm left inward focus. Did corrector affect focus point?
  2. I got something here in Finland. I used sw200p with sw solar filter and color IS suprisingly natural.
  3. Thanks for checking. I thought that it would Be normal. Just had to Be sure (Im kind of too OCD with this kind of things ) i made plastic spacer so there is no play. I bought this More than month ago so there is this 2 year warranty If its defect. I can check guiding results at August since sun does not set here at summer. Hope The Best. Thanks again.
  4. I kind of feel stupid now. Off course it was site sponsor. My Bad.
  5. On sorry. Im new here. What is FLO. Some retailer? Im from Finland and we don't have so many telescope retailers here. I already send email to opticalvision UK wich IS sky-watcher retailer on europe. They have not answered yet.
  6. Hi! Does anyone still got this 57mm adapter as above? I bought older 200p scope and it did not have it with it. There is no pieces for sale anymore. Is someone willing to sell me one if you have spare? Or does one know where to get one?.
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