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  1. Hi all it's been awhile and weather is crappie here in Michigan . The question I have is what is a good scope to start out with for eeva ? I would like to view both planets and deep sky objects also. I have a mount in mind but no scope. I would like to keep the scope below $ 750 if possible. Thanks in advance Ken
  2. Red cat, zenith 73 around that size I don't know much about refractors or good size. My goal is DSO and some planetary photography any recommendations is much appreciated
  3. Thank you ! nothing huge I'm going to start with a medium refractor
  4. What is a good tracking mount to start with for astrophotography? My main goal is that it be portable and reasonably priced. I was looking at the heq 6 pro but that's at the top end of my budget for the mount. I'm sure this question has been asked quite a bit! Thanks in advance and clear sky's Ken
  5. Hello I have a rookie question, here goes, does a focal reduce reduce the focal length of your scope or increase FOV ? Also how do you determine the size you need clear sky's Ken
  6. Hello all its been crappie weather here lousy viewing ! plus I have been sidelined with back problems witch I hope to resolve on Tuesday. I can't wait to get out there and start observation again ! clear sky's Ken
  7. Thanks mike for the response
  8. Hello fellow star gazer I have a few questions about EEVA. # 1 can I use my 10" standard dob to start out in EEVA,#2 Is it recommended to start out with a cmos camera ? Any advise is appreciated ! clear sky's everyone ken
  9. He did both I now you mentioned it I bet the planets were video, I'm such a rookie
  10. hi all i have another rookie question. I was just watching a utube channel, astronomars where he used a non goto scope to take his photo's. The scope was a 10" dob.the photos were 30 40 1 to 5 sec exposures. I would lie to know how to do this without a tacking or goto mount ? thanks in advance Ken
  11. I have a apertura AD10" dob scope I live in mid Michigan, it gets cold up here ! Do I need to use a dew strap on my scope dew can be heavy up here,patio table can be very wet ?
  12. Hi all ! Last night seeing conditions were ok but I took my apertura ad 10 out for a spin. I'm new to astronomy and slowly learning this new hobby. The night started out well until I took my first view of Saturn and noticed my scope was not cooled off enough. So I waited a while longer and it still had not stabilized. I discovered the fan wasn't working so I solved that problem with a portable fan. I went on to view Saturn, which was ok. Then searched for andromeda and finally did, it was awesome! ! ! So goes my onward adventure into astronomy
  13. Hi all i have another rookie question.on the app it has a 7t clouds, what does that stand for ? I am far from a meteorologist ! Thank you Ken
  14. Thanks all for the advice ! I learned a few things. Unfortunately it's been crap seeing for the past 3 day and it's going to continue until Monday here I mid michigan
  15. I could use some advise on how to improve my planet viewing my scope is a 10" dob , 1250 mm focal length. I have a 30mm, 17 mm and a 9mm eyepieces and a 2.5x Barlow. I was hoping for a larger visual and a little more detail. I am such a rookie and accept all advise thanks Ken
  16. 10-7

    New to astronomy

    Thank you all for the wonderful welcome and all the advice.
  17. 10-7

    New to astronomy

    Hi all I am new to this hobby and know very little. I have a apertura 10" dob for a scope starting to learn the night sky. Haven't found any DSO yet but will keep trying. I live in mid Michigan in a class 5 bortle area. I am retired . Thanks in advance for any advice Ken
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