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  1. Thanks everyone - SW it will be. We've found the house which works for me at night and her during the day. Perfect!
  2. Thanks, apologies for the duplicate post. I can't seem to delete one in a different forum. Yes i do think that south, give or take a bit is the best, but like you say, avoid any big domes.
  3. I'm currently going through the process of looking for a new house and was wondering what people's views are on the best direction to face. For most people they would want South to SW for the sun during the day but is that really the most interesting piece of the sky? I'm currently facing South and it does seem good compared to the rest but streetlights cover anything other than South at the moment so i'm not entirely sure. Thanks, Phil
  4. ISON is coming this November and will be around for a few months. If you find it on twitter it gives you loads of useless information but it also gives good links to updates.
  5. I think ISON in Nov was going to be the naked eye / bright as the moon comet.
  6. Morpeth 1.10am Sat Morning (14th) Did anyone else see this? I was just trying to call the cat in and as I was looking up I saw the end of a fireball that looked bright white, very fast but not as instantaneous as a shooting star travelling due north. I'm assuming it would be slower (just) than a normal shooting star because it is lower and hence why it breaks in to a fireball? After two weeks of being in London it was nice to come back home to lovely clear skies and this cool event. Phil
  7. Well that is good news. I took it outside last light alongside my current scope and it was surprisingly good. All ep's are 1.25 so I mixed and matched and got a very good view of Saturn. I think my next purchase will be some decent eyepieces that will fit both and it'll be nice to have a goto and a standard mounted scope. Cheers for the info. My mate needs a few drinks from me.
  8. Hi all, I was given a free telescope today off a very kind old friend and was wondering if anyone had any information on it or indeed the brand. It's an Arena 900x114 reflector and the tripod, mount and OTA appear to be pretty solid. The eyepieces are a bit poor but as I'm still new to all this I don't really know for sure. Cheers, Phil
  9. I'm in the disappointment camp and think the BBC has had too much input in to this instead of leaving the story to tell itself. The first episode really should have given some kind of indication to the beginner of the relative size of the universe. I think to start talking about time without mentioning the Big Bang will have confused most and left others totally uninspired. Perhaps size/time with graphics to visualise it all would have worked better. There were some good bits but like others have said, it either didn't know it's target audience or wasn't particularly interested in catering for them as long as it 'looked' good. Having said that, I'll still watch the other three albeit with less enthusiasm.
  10. I've just seen Saturn for the first time and showed my normally not bothered girlfriend. She was as amazed as me and it's definitely the best sight I've seen in the sky and one I've been waiting for all my life. First of all I saw it through 20x80 bins and then my 130p reflector. And to think I'd gone out too late!
  11. It's a veritable snoozefest so far.
  12. Hurrah just what I thought. Looks like x shop will get a call on Monday . Still, I could see the moons of Jupiter with one eye shut a few mins ago so not an entirely desperate evening. Plus I got to see my step daughter happy as larry all day with her presents.
  13. Hi all, fingers crossed someone can help... I've been given some Celestron 20x80 binoculars for Christmas which seem amazing, BUT, I don't know if they are optically wrong. No matter how I adjust the pupil distance I always see two images, quite a way apart. One image is to the right and slightly above the other one. Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this? Cheers, Phil
  14. Haha I wish! I think this is going to warrant a help thread.
  15. Some celestron 20x80 binoculars. Woo! Any ideas why I can see two images? I have to close an eye to see anything properly.
  16. A big thank you to everyone from me also. I had a great time meeting people and even though there were minimal stars I'm looking forward to next time. Michael - for the screwdrivers, Kevin - for brute force assistance, Jem/Jack - for the beer company, Peter/Alan - for help with my scope and giving me the biggest lesson in star hopping possible in one night! I thank you all. I'm off to scour the magazines now for a free 8 foot dome! Phil
  17. Pretty much no sky apart from Thursday night/Friday morning. Not sure how Sunday night was but when I left it looked bad.
  18. Thanks for the second round of welcomes everyone! I'm off to the Kielder party in a week or so and I'm really looking forward to it. So far, since it's been dark earlier there has been non-stop wet weather or cloud so fingers crossed for Kielder.
  19. Hi Paul, I'm already booked up for this and am happy to admit i'm very much a novice too. By all accounts everyone is very friendly and welcoming and i suppose everyone has to start somewhere. Get yourself booked up and just dive in i say!
  20. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-10714192 Not sure if this affects us but worth checking I'm sure. Sorry this is in the wrong place but I just want to raise it. Phil
  21. It's back for me now... I did like that lovely smiling lady though!
  22. Well I'm definitely considering a screen because that wasn't on. I was forced out to the side of a dark road (which incidentally is an excellent all round place to view as long as I can stop being scared of the strange animal noises!). The light was turned off about 10 mins before I got back apparently. The missus was on lookout and for that I suppose she deserves new blinds, not the neighbours! Tactics time!
  23. Well I'm sitting outside waiting and waiting and waiting. Seeing is great tonight for the first time in a while but my corner neighbour has decided to leave the house with a bedroom light blinding me out. This happens a lot and I'm starting to get a bit narked. Grr.
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