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  1. Took my 100mm solar filter out and held it up to the sun. The big sunspot in AR2786 was just visible. Yes it is big!
  2. Currently there are 3 active regions visible on the solar disk. The largest sunspot by far is emerging on the southeast limb. Of course weather here is predicted cloudy for next week.
  3. There is a new sunspot emerging on the southeast limb. Hopefully a nice active region.
  4. Taken with my 60mm Lunt Ha double stacked telescope.
  5. Yes I understand that one spot (umbra) is larger than earth.
  6. Well the FD is a much larger file so probably took longer to load. Thanks for the comments.
  7. Thanks Gus. Fun to see some activity.
  8. Imaged the sun this morning in average seeing with my William Optics ZS73 and Lunt Herschel Wedge. Really nice active region with plenty of activity.
  9. Gong is orientated N up E left. Download Tilting Sun and it will show proper directions for your telescope, mount and date.
  10. Actually that would be the SE limb. But yes a really nice sunspot group.
  11. New to the forum. My first attempt to grab a sunspot with the Lunt 102mm ED and ASI 178 camera. SSM says seeing was average of 1.6". Suggestions welcome.
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