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  1. I think I have tracked the problem down, as the flattener comes in two parts. the correcting lens and the sleeve. I took them apart some time ago to easily clean the lens, and I screwed them together wrongly. The screw end is reflective silver and the opposite end is black, I replaced the sleeve the wrong way round so the reflective end was open to the imaging train. Hope this works now, but cloudy skies at the moment. Thank you to all for helping me with this issue. Clear Skies
  2. Hi Despite imaging M42 on separate nights, and in two different locations in my rear garden, I am still getting these strange semi-circles on every light sub and in the exact same areas.The view is clear of any obstructions, and both nights were clear. This occurrence does not affect any other light subs, and I collected data on M45 the same nights. I have not seen this on any other DSO images that I have shot. Equipment: Explore Scientific 80ED APO Triplet; Explore Scientific Field Flattener; Canon 250D mod; UHC filter. Will this phenomena clear during stacking with darks etc in APP?
  3. Hi all I have been imaging M45 and have come up with this form of issue with the stars. It almost looks like I have left (and I did think this) the Bahtinov mask on, however I didn't. This is not the first time I have noticed this star issue. Any ideas? This is my equipment: Explore Scientific 80ED Apo Triplet; Explore Scientific Field Flattener; Canon 250D mod; 2in UHC filter; 60mm Guidescope; ZWO ASI120MC-S.
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