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  1. Hi @Greymouser and thanks for responding so quickly to both my posts. I shall definitely have a look at the links for the add-ons you suggest.
  2. Hya, Me again - I posted on your other sale for the ST102 - I guess that most of what I asked there applies here too!!! I would be interested to know which of your scopes that you have put up for sale would be better to suited to a newbie such as myself and whether this is too large to be carried up a hill! Thanks in advance for any info.
  3. Hya, I'm very new to this (literally joined the site yesterday to read up) and have never owned a telescope, but have been contemplating getting one for years. I'll apologise now if I ask anything daft! I may be interested (and could pick up from Warrington), but am not really sure I am yet in a position to know what I would be getting - I was just reading up on different types of scope and hadn't really got to a point of deciding what I wanted. I had just been looking at this: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/startravel/skywatcher-startravel-102-az3.html, and then searching on this site brought me to your post. First of all - am I right in thinking that this telescope would be suitable mainly for wide-field views, but that it is still possible to get a good view of planets (to be honest, I don't really know which would interest me more at this point)? Secondly, one of the few things that I am sure of, is that I need something reasonable portable and quick to set-up - this is something I am hoping to do with an 8-year old, who will quickly lose interest if I have to spend a lot of time setting up. In terms of portability, I would want to be able to carry it up a hill without any problems. Finally, the listing in the link has a lot of items that come in the package - I have had a look at what they all do (and am guessing that most are fairly basic) -does your scope come with some of these parts and would I need anything else to get started? My budget is somewhere between £100-200 - so to an extent, if it doesn't, but I can be guided to get equivalents that may work better whilst keeping within this price range, then I would see this as a positive. Also, any general guidance for a newbie would be much appreciated, thank you.
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