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  1. Ah lovely, this brought up a lot more items on Ebay, much appreciated! I imagine it's very possible but not sure how I'd go about attaching a pulley to the focus knob.
  2. The circumference is 200mm and diameter 70mm. These are the ones I ordered previously: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10pc-Rubber-Drive-belt-Pulley-Model-Motor-DIY-Toys-Black-2mm-X-70mm-/291512042475?hash=item43df78c3eb But as I say, the rubber was too elastic and couldn't provide the right tension compared to the originals
  3. I have the focuser as shown here: http://i.imgur.com/UAPTFzh.jpg and the drive belt is around 3 inches in diameter, I ordered some of similar size from ebay but the rubber was very soft and stretched almost twice as much as the original could, thus can't really be used as the focuser builds up tension then turns the knob suddenly and quite a lot. The originals appear to have worn out and both snapped, if anyone knows where to get similar which would work just as well that'd be great. Thanks!
  4. I tried the above and it still wasn't aligning the image correctly, or just ended up with a very cropped image. So this lunch I went back out and instead of capturing .mts files I just used a remote shutter and captured single image files (this results in the whole disc being seen). Ended up stacking 60 or so, ran it through PiPP on the planetary preset, then AS and finally processed the resulting .tiff in Registax6. Ended up with: So just need to wait for my focal reducer now and should be able to return to .mts movie files and see the full disc which apparently solves my stacking/alig
  5. Cheers for the replies so far, Just tried running PiPP with AFB and AOI and it completes with only one frame exported and the rest rejected. I've ordered a cheap focal reducer so hopefully I won't have this issue in the future and can just do full disc processing.
  6. I should have mentioned I already run it through PiPP as neither AS! nor Registax seem to like the .mts file type. I've tried carious PiPP processing options as well including the 'optimise' options, but again due to I assume the sensor size of my camera and the scope I can't really get a full disc in view when recording thus I'm left with neither a close-up or a full-disc. Also with the AFB setting turned on generally it returns a 'FAILED' error, or it get's rid of every frame except the first.
  7. Hi guys, I've not had much luck stacking my solar files from today. This is what they seem to come out like: And this is from a single .bmp from the .mts movie file: The original movies aren't tracked so there is some jumping about when I use the go-to manually to re-align the sun but nothing out of frame or anything. I assume it's either a problem with choosing alignment points on AutoStakkert or the fact it's neither full disc nor close surface. Any advice would be great, cheers!
  8. Hi all, I recently got back into Astronomy and got myself a NexStar 127SLT, which also came with a 127 Electronic Focuser. This works wonderfully but as always i'm looking for ways to improve the set-up even with my limited DIY knowledge. I had the idea of taking the current momentary toggle switch on the focuser and splitting it into 2 separate buttons, using a dremel to mount these in an empty spot on the Celstron Hand-controller and then if possible wire them to utilize the handsets power supply rather than 3xAA batteries it currently uses. This way I can use the handset to both move
  9. Sorry not to derail the thread, but would the suggested 127 Mak be a decent performer for white light solar viewing as well as lunar/planetary?
  10. Yeah there is a possibility they are, but I appreciate your input. Will give it a think, having read up on the SLT mounts it seems they suffer from vibrations unless you mod the tripod a bit or replace it completely. As I've said in another thread I have a Manfrotto tripod I might try replacing it with if possible to make it more sturdy.
  11. Apparently it comes with the tripod, so all is good. He's asked for £150 and that's with a Skywatcher Powertank which I assume I needed to run it. Does this sound like a fair price?
  12. I have just asked if it comes with a tripod, I hope it does else it won't be worth buying really. Excellent, hopefully it'll make focussing the heritage less frustrating on planets without it shooting back and forth out of view.
  13. Yet another question regarding my 130p Heritage. Since I'm not completely happy with the dob mount, I've been looking into GoTo for it. I've found a Nexstar SLT GoTo mount for sale and wondered if this would be compatible with the scope? And probably a silly question, but with said mount if I was to accidentally hit the scope when viewing or refocus, would this move the scope out of alignment or is it pretty much solid in terms of movement when not using the control pad? Much appreciated!
  14. Let me know how you get on. Might keep an eye out for a cheap lens eBay to try and adapt if it goes well.
  15. No idea what went wrong with the formatting above, apologies. Copy any pasting text doesn't seem to work well.
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