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  1. I have just purchased this for my Meade LX 10, and about to start 'surgery' tonight
  2. Hi Promised to update, @Stu Wilson @andrew s So using the clear skies and earth global wind map, I picked my night and seemed to get lucky (well for Ireland), also got my Bahtinov mask (first time using) and got the following for Mars, still a little blurry. How does it look ? I tried Jupiter also, but still is a blurry mess, perhaps was too low down in the sky (about 1 hr from setting) mars14_1.bmp
  3. Thanks @Stu Wilson So I have my stock Meade LX 10 and always felt the focus knob seemed to change position for perfect focus when looking at a tree in day light. So I have sent away for EZ focus upgrade kit that uses thrust bearings instead of nylon washers, they claim it gives a smoother performance with less back lash, worth a shot for $40. Will update.
  4. From what I have above, both images and that raw video is it possible to tell if I am fighting focus or weather ?
  5. Hi , So I have tried some planet imaging with my Meade 8 inch LX 10, coupled with a ZWO ASI 120 colour camera, video as an AVI with PIPP/Autostack/Registax wavelets, and this is my results (im new to this, and basically followed a youtube guide). Weather where I was: Clear, 14km/hr wind, and 75-80% humidity. To my eye the planets looks as if I was seeing them at the bottom of a pond, shimmering. What I want to ask is the following: Am I out of focus, I find it almost impossible to judge focus on the camera view on the laptop everything looks a little smudgy always. Am I just fi
  6. I didn't focus at all, literally pointed at mars, stuck the camera on and gave it a go - very bad weather recently, don't get alot of free / good nights so just was anxious to try something. Also my telescope doesn't have any fancy guiding, manual polar align (meh at best) and a motor thats it, so I can't really slew to anything. I need to point, find it with my eye, know the rough adjustment on the focus knob and go from there. Wish I could slew to the thing I wanted. Meade LX 10, 8 inch btw
  7. So headed out last night to image mars, my first go with my ZWO ASI 120 colour camera. I live in a city, but the sky was very clear. Observing via the eyepeice Mars was very blurry, constantly shifting/flicking around detail was hard to make out. Tried my camera and got the following (with minimal processing). Was it just air thermal issues? or My inability to use the camera correctly ? The telescope seems aligned and collimated, and works fine for other things, was a little disappointing Mars was so hard to image.
  8. Hi, Getting into imaging the planets again after many years. So for context I used to use an old webcam pointed down the eyepeice and got decent pics of Mars (could make out different sides weeks apart ). I now have a Meade LX 10, 8 inch and I have a Nikon DSLR. My most recent attempt was using the Nikon via T ring to the scope (prime I believe), for the moon this gives a nice pic - way lower magnification than what I see in eyepeice, for Jupiter and Saturn I just get a white blob at best a brown smudge - rubbish compared to what i see in my eyepiece. So wanted to up my game, emailed
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