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    Semi-retired/ semi-professional musician, Now pursuing deep space knowledge, viewing, possible astrophotography and a deep understanding of how all this came to be & where it could be going. Other interests include spiritual pursuits, eclectic collecting, fine dining and the art of (philosophical) conversation,
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    Oakland CA - S.F. - Scranton, PA

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About Me


Recently purchased a Celestron Astromaster 76EQ Newtonian reflector telescope kit, 2x Barlow, NexYZ smartphone adapter and a copy of "Turn Left At Orion".

Didn't research much before jumping into this new hobby. It's been terribly frustrating but I'm passionately determined to become an intermediately experienced astronomer with a little help.

Already looking into a completely motorized (and computerized ?) brand & model but hesitant to invest $1000 (?) or much more just yet. Could really use some advice, opinions & recommendations on this.

Also considered turning towards astrophotography instead for a while since I was given an entire Nikon D3100 kit with tripod, multiple lenses, filters and all.

The 2nd story front deck of my home in northeast PA is surrounded by tall trees and street lights from the NE to the SW and my clearer view from W to N is over the city's well-lit valley.

My timing in beginning this journey wasn't well-planned either. I should have researched, purchased, learned and practiced earlier in the year as the fall and winter seasons are unbearably cold for me.

So, that's the long & short of it. Here's a few links that provide more personal insight for me:


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